Has another vital Surrey service bitten the dust.

Have you  noticed that many of Surrey’s road-side verges haven’t been cut this year. Some of our rural lanes and narrow roads are taking on a tunnel-like appearance as the banks grow closer.

This is a typical minute taken from just one parish  council in Waverley explaining that they have received notification from the county council that the Lengthsman Scheme has been dropped.  In the small village of Bramley the service, or, now lack of service, amounts to around £5,000,  in other much larger parishes, it will be considerably more.

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So Bramley Parish Council has decided to do the work itself, with help from Waverley Council – so in other words the buck is passing ever downwards … again! After all why would Surrey highways want to continue to keep the drains and culverts of our owns and villages clear?

Perhaps, because it is now the leading flood authority!

At the same time this same parish council is stumping up yet more cash to stop development at Dunsfold Park! Do you sometimes think the world has gone stark staring mad.

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  1. If you lived in Bramley – You might understand why. The amount of times the traffic is stationary in the Village due to delivery trucks or bin vans. Add in another thousand plus cars with DP… Would you want to walk your children to school with that sort of pollution?

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