Do Cranleigh people ‘care’ whether its fledgling civic society bites the dust?

We hear from our followers over there in the East that there is a chance that the Civic Society, that,  ‘Speaks up for the people of Cranleigh’, and which prompted a vote of no confidence in ‘Your Waverley’ is now suffering from a crisis of confidence in itself.

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The organisation that, in two long hard years, has boldly gone, where none  have dared to go  before, is so sick and tired of shouting into the wind, and of being ignored by ‘Your Waverley’ and others – it is holding an Extraordinary Meeting to determine whether it should live on… or die!

Over here – the Farnham Society too has had its ups and downs since it was formed in 1911 by Charles E Borelli and Harold Falkner. These founder members had a profound influence on the town, Borelli as Chairman of Farnham Urban District Council for many years and Harold Falkner, an architect. It is now one of the oldest and largest conservation and amenity societies in the country.

Just like the Eastern villages the beauty and charm of Farnham are threatened by the constant pressures of new development and traffic, which are placing an increasing strain on this historic town. But it believes, it is up to the people who live in it, to ensure  that its particular qualities are maintained, while working for  the best possible results where changes must take place. It believes great care is needed to see that the best of the old is protected and that the right sort of development is encouraged for the future, including infrastructure. It has no intention of giving up – regardless of how often it is ignored, and ridiculed. Because it cares about the Town and people of Farnham.

So, Cranleigh people its make your mind up time – you could sit back and ignore everything that is going on around you, as you did before the CCS was born. Or you could get out there tomorrow night and vote with your feet. this is not a time for complacency this is a time to stand up to Cranleigh’s motto – which are followers tells us is : ‘CRANLEIGH CARES’.Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 10.10.03.png

Or of course, you could stay at home and watch Eastenders?

Thanks to the Cranleigh Civic Society you have just won a battle to save the Nanhurst  recycling centre. Ok! we hear you cry, it has lost many other battles, but it’s not the dog in the fight that counts, it’s the fight in the dog! And… the Cranleigh Civic Society is not alone in the failure game – no-one listens to the parish councils any more – in fact no-one listens to ‘Your Waverley’ any more because our destiny is  defined by The Government – who have decided to cover the South-East of England in concrete – whether we like it or not!

Some come on Cranleigh/Ewhurst/Alfold/Dunsfold and all the other villages around – Stand up for your Civic voice – your Society needs you NOW.

Cranleigh’s fight back has begun.

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