The Farnham Lion roars!


Unfortunately you cannot hear Councillor Carole’s initial roar at the Special Executive Meeting – because would you believe it – yes, we know you would, – due to cock up or conspiracy – either of which are no strangers at Waverley Towers, the first 20 minutes was cut off the webcast!

Suffice to say the lady from Farnham is, in true Blackadder style, mad, even madder than Mack McMad the winner of last year’s Mr Madman competition! 

Pictured here – Farnham Town and borough  councillor Carole Cockburn is angry – very angry – because she can see ‘her’ Neighbourhood Plan about to bite the dust! Be afraid WBC, be very afraid – her bite is worse than her roar!

Thankfully the Farnham Herald, which still turns out to cover council meetings, documented why she was so angry. You can read it here:Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 18.37.54

Click here: 17.08.24- Waverley accused of sabotage copy

and here, are in her  reasons why she doesn’t want ‘Your Waverley’ to tear up Farnham’s cunning plan. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 13.23.32.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 13.24.16.pngScreen Shot 2017-08-31 at 13.24.40.png

Maybe, like so many others in the borough – Farnham’s Carole doesn’t realise that adding another 400 or 500 or 600 or ….. homes into Dunsfold’s cunning masterplan at this stage, to rescue her Neighbourhood Plan, could completely scupper the recently examined Local Plan – and everyone would then be sent back to the drawing board.

Except of course all the wannabe developers who would be sticking in their applications into the planning system faster than…Baldrick could wipe his nose.

Unfortunately Carole, as we suspect you have come to realise during your long and distinguished (most of the time) political career, that life is strewn with the cowpats from the devils own satanic herd –  The Waverley Webbers  believe that Blackadder’s  response rhymes with something like  Clucking bell’. 

11 thoughts on “The Farnham Lion roars!”

  1. Please stop disassociating Dunsfold Park from Alfold/Dunsfold and Cranleigh… Do you actually know where it is??? it may be a brownfield site – But you know as well as I do what it really is and the thought of those ghastly towers and blocks of flats is just not in keeping with this area.

    I Feel for Farnham having spent YEARS getting the NP – But stop saying it is OK to dump it all here – It is NOT! I wont go on about the fact that the Farnham Councillors think it is OK so long as it isn’t in Farnham – But it ISN’T so Boo Hoo to Carole she will have to learn what it is like to be dumped on

  2. The WW is not disassociating Dunsfold Park from Alfold, Cranleigh etc. But if the dummies at WBC had granted the original scheme non of these villages would be in the mess they now find themselves!
    Sadly the East of the borough is getting the worst of both worlds – and who do they have to blame?
    Certainly not Farnham!!

  3. Please STOP – We are a TINY percentage of Farnham with an equally TINY budget to get our VILLAGE Plan – When you are honest about this then I will understand – But without my Figures from the UK I believe you are still 34% of the population of the borough we are about 1% so PLEASE Stop this attack on us here in the East and stop this DUMPING on us – Until you do I will not stop banging on.. You know the figures I have given them too you – You just Do not Put them up here – You have ignored my requests to do this – You are Unfair and sorry to be so angry but I AM!

    1. As we have explained, many times, among our team are contributors from Alfold, Dunsfold Cranleigh and the villages around so please listen!
      Not everyone in Alfold opposes the development on a brown field site, but do object to building in the countryside. If the parish councils were not quite so busy renting barristers and consultants and using their precepts to fund the fight to stop Dunsfold airfield from being developed – they may have their Neighbourhood Plans in place, and get some protection. Ask them how much of the taxpayers’ money they have spent? Certainly your Alfold parish clerk is fronting the Protect Our Little Corner of Waverley campaign. Does she actually have the legal right to do this? Is this part of her job description? If so, where was she when the Springbok application for 500 homes was held in Cranleigh? Perhaps she just selects the developments she will oppose on behalf of her numerous parish council masters?
      Such hypocrisy! Watch out for tomorrow’s post to see what may be on its way to ‘poor old Ewhurst.’

  4. The POF brigade doing the usual rant. Occasional crumb to Cranleigh to try and throw people of the scent they are in the Dunsfold pocket!

    1. Why blame Farnham residents – who have prepared a robust Neighbourhood Plan which has been examined, fought off a Judicial Review, and has identified sites for over 2,000 homes, plus more to come.
      The remainder of the borough needs to get its house in order. Where were all you Alfold people when the Springbok Inquiry was held? Absent! So do they really care what happens to the village.
      The Inspector could be excused for believing the locals didn’t give a damn!

      1. Probably like a lot of people on holiday. Strange that two appeals affecting one area go on at the same time as each other in a peak part of the holiday season.

  5. Mr Alfold Village — You are wrong – I do not think they are – They are just so WEST-Farnham Biaised they do not understand that putting this here in Alfold/Dunsfold they are still just Dumping it here – Do you not read the posts?? They really seem to have no idea of where DP is??? Do you????

  6. Actually we do know where Dunsfold airfield is? In fact unlike so many others who rant – we went on a site visit there – at the invitation of the owners. Of course, we went in disguise, but most serious questions were answered and if they could not answer, they explained why.
    When will you get the message it is a BROWN FIELD site, in other words previously developed land. Did anyone complain when a highly productive horticultural business was replaced by 265 houses in a narrow country lane in Cranleigh – no! Was it a brownfield site – technically no. Did it employ dozens of people and provide the nation with food – yes. Where was POW then – nobody saw hide or tail of them!

  7. Things go out of synch on here – I wanted to say many people WERE on holidays or were WORKING we can’t all have the freedom of taking days off to attend these appeals so stop it PLEASE!! as for what Alfold PC do is none of your business – DP is in Alfold/Dunsfold so stop saying it is some Brownfield in the middle of No-where of course it affects residents here and our PC have every right to fight for their residents and I totally support them,

    When you finally post what GREENFIELD IS and what BROWNFIELD is I will think you are impartial – the only reason Farnham has it – is to stop it joining up with Aldershot – It is NOT because you have beautiful Green FIELDS –

    Looked at the Farnham Soc. Website today and I have to say it looks lovely (on the website) but not what I remember driving through not so long ago so I understand you would love to get back to what you once had – But can You? – I am not saying you do not have a lovely market Town – but gosh you are BIG!! and we are not..

    I made the effort to look at what I am talking about – Have you been to Alfold recently? We have 1 Pub, a Petrol station with a Little M&S that randomly shuts down, Garden Centre that is up for grabs with developers,Golf club that is in receivership, a small restuarant – The Barn, Post office only open until 1pm and small Village shop We do thankfully have a Vets at the Tiny Business park (doh) Yes we do have a footy pitch and Rec ground – and Tennis courts – But hardly makes us more than a village that enjoys sports – even if we don’t like dogs on them!

    If you even start to say DP are going to provide so much more – I will yet again throw it back at you as you know they are NOT – So quite why and how you can all say putting so many new Homes here is OK will always be beyond me. Cranleigh is a car park on the high street at the moment being a no-go zone due to all the OGVS etc.. going through it – It has lovely shops but is hardly a metroplis it has a small Sainsburys and a Co-op a little M&S food shop, Chemists etc.. but it is basic ompared to what you have in Farham- How can you justify saying that 2600 -4000 homes should be here?

    You are wrong and like WBC you are biased – This is NOT an isolated Brownfield Site it is between the Villages of Dunsfold and Alfold and that is why we get so angry with the ignorance of you in the West who just seem to think this will not affect us – Why? When they all start driving to Godalming, Guildford and Horsham to shop and Witley and other smaller Train stations to avoid the awful train station car park pile ups at Guildford – I hope all the supporters of DP live to regret this. Bramley will as will Shalford and all the other smaller villages who are finally waking up to this.

    You have always said it is about Brownfield and Greenfield – for once be honest about this
    As ever

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