Is another ‘horrendous’ scheme on its way to the MAD WORLD THAT IS THE.. East of Waverley?

A £20 million pound brick and tile factory could soon be on its way to yet another  country lane in the East, on the outskirts of Ewhurst!

The residents living over there in the East of the borough could be forgiven for thinking that the lunatics were taking over the Asylum! The scheme has already been described by the locals as a ‘bombshell’ about to hit them.

Look back a year or so, and one of the most famous clay tile making factories in the South of England – Swallow Tiles – was closed down – and million pound Linden Homes were built alongside a roundabout nicknamed ‘Kamikaze Corner’ in Ewhurst Road, Cranleigh. Some of which homes are already on the move!  The developer even provided a footpath to Ewhurst!  THEN…

  • Rudgwick Brickworks – CLOSED.
  • Cranleigh Brick & Tile CLOSED and  grab lorries  from all parts of Surrey will thunder along the A281 and through the country lanes every seven minutes for the next five years infilling the site with their spoils – so homes can be built off Knowle Lane. Cranleigh. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 14.58.47.png

Not a word of course from By-Pass Byham and the Bramley crowd, because the Parish Council trousered a golden egg for allowing the lorries to thunder through its hallowed high street along the A281 to Knowle Lane.

Now Weinberger Limited has submitted a Consultation application to Waverley Planners seeking consent  for a new tile and brick factory, adjacent to its existing brickworks, and including Norman Marshalls scrapyard, in a narrow country lane in Horsham Lane, Ewhurst. The entire scheme, if allowed, will start in 2019, just in time to provide millions of bricks and tiles for the thousands of homes to be built in ‘Your Waverley’ and the many thousands more elsewhere in the South of England!

Some years back, 2006 to be precise, this site was earmarked for potential gravel extraction and landfill. Major objections were raised concerning a site of ecological value and the impact of lorries, etc on narrow rural roads.
Nothing has changed yet Wienerberger obviously feel they have.

We cynics at the Waverley Web would love to identify how much money Weinberger  have made in political donations over the years and to whom – that would throw up an interesting aspect, WOULDN’T IT?  We understand from the locals the company has masses of existing capacity so we can’t quite understand any justification for expansion unless of course they intend on supplying house building bricks for the whole of the South of England. Which, of course, we expect is exactly what it  intends as its’ other plant is in Doncaster! 


Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 18.29.07The entire project which includes the extraction from over 43 hectares of land, has a proposed end date of WAIT FOR IT…WAIT FOR IT!

We can see it now – thousands of lorries hurtling through, Rowhook, Wallis Wood, Cranleigh and perhaps even Bramley’s Barmy By-Pass Byham’s patch – delivering their wares to builders countrywide for the next half century! Even through Ewhurst village across Winterfold and through the Shere Cut! Or, perhaps through Forest Green onto the A24?

So the site where dinosaurs roamed millions of years ago – could soon be churning up even more fodder for the Natural History Museum – and the dinosaurs at Ewhurst Parish Council, who haven’t posted anything about the scheme, at least not that we can find on its  website – or on the village notice boards – Secrecy seems to be the name of the game these days – (even with parish councils). No doubt the Parish Council is too busy constructing  its’ Neighbourhood Plan! 

Might find their consultation meeting, to be held this month, attracts a  good attendance.

For more information:

Here’s a map of the site:  All we can say is WOW!Scan 3.jpeg


One thought on “Is another ‘horrendous’ scheme on its way to the MAD WORLD THAT IS THE.. East of Waverley?”

  1. I lose the will to live with you – On the one hand you support Cranleigh then on the other you shaft us – With Cranleigh/Ewhurst/Dunsfold/Alfold – You just DO NOT GET IT – do you think by putting it all on a Single brownfield site that has B***all infrastruture it is OK it affects all of us and the other local rural Villages on the way to Guilford.

    Just because the land was given over to the CAF years ago and then used for Commercial reasons after – and you know most of the leases run out soon – Why is this a Good Place? Apart from the fact it isn’t in Your Backyard or any of the other Towns that support this.

    it is a LAZY solution to WBCs. lack of housing. If this doesn’t happen soon what happens to those Leases that soon run out? I do not want genuine business peeps to be put out of business for this – But what happens to them??

    DP Is NOT an isolated part of Waverely it crosses Alfold and Dunsfold and will rely on Cranleigh for its services and in case some of your readers do not realise this it is in one of the most rural parts of the Borough Does Godalming not understand the issues? Obviously not as they voted for all Waverleys excess housing to be put here… Where do they think people are going to go to to get work/ Transport etc….? are they living in La La Land as well?

    The problem you have is that you think this is a panacea and it ISN’T it just means it doesn’t have to be in Your Backyard and I am afraid that is the issue you have when the biggest vote said YES lets put in at DP because if we spread it across the Borough we all have to take a hit …..

    We do not have trains, or a decent road infrastructure or to be quite honest much beyond what rural towns and villages have to offer – Get into the real World and understand by putting this all here you are putting people in a remote location in an untenable position- I listened to the Exec. Meeting this evening – it again is so Farnham Biased – I almost switched off – But as you said it was so short with MIZZ Potts running the show there was little time for discussion – Apart from Mr Adams comments Something about 3 out of 12 comments about SLA’ do with Farnham????.” will try and replay on my return – Internet a bit rubbish here- I Just think sometimes I understand people’s apathy as you call it – I think they are just worn down by this and they know at the end of the day what Farnham want Farnham gets – It is rather depressing and sad

    Please get the Facts right about the facilities we have here and how we will support this New community until the New Proposed Community facilities come into being….and be honest about it!

    By the way we coudn’t attend the meetings as we were WORKING like I am sure a lot of others were! That I do not think was apathy but some of us DO WORK – lucky you Webbers and thanks for the Updates and those from the POW website much appreciated!

    I am sad to be emailing this as I moved to this wonderful part of England to have a safe place for my dog’s last years and for us to grow old in- Don’t Knock us we spend money locally and try to be part of the community and love the place – So maybe sometimes I shout too much – But I still believe you are wrong
    As ever

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