Criminals cashing in on our bank accounts in Surrey!


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Mass closures: Villages and towns up and down the country are waking up to the fact that their communities will no longer be served by a bank and that includes parts of Waverley.


Data now shows that already this year, some 423 bank and building society branches have either been axed or put on notice of closure.

The current rate of closures means that 2017 is on course to be a record. Over the past two years, 1,046 branches have been shut by the country’s major high street banks, many of them in Surrey.

From figures released recently the mass closures are leaving customers vulnerable and exposed to cyber crime by forcing them to go online.

It now emerges that 500 identity frauds are reported in the UK every day. Of these four fifths are perpetrated on the internet, whilst more than half target banks and credit cards.

Surely Banks and Building Societies must reconsider whether to continue the ongoing march of closures – before the criminals out there force them too!

Although HSBC continues to shut more branches than rivals, the closure ‘bug’ has now spread to some building societies which have been reluctant to withdraw services from the communities they serve.

Last week, Yorkshire Building Society announced it would be axing 48 branches over the next 18 months as part of a major restructuring which will see the Norwich & Peterborough brand it owns disappear.

It has also put 100,000 current account customers on notice that come August the society will no longer offer such a banking facility as it concentrates on its traditional savings and mortgage markets.

Once a champion of branches, the society now admits that falling usage has forced it to trim its network.

It claims that last year an average seven customers a day used over the counter services at the branches it is shedding.


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