Why are we still waiting – for that ‘cultural change’ Commander Potts?

So why did you web cast only part of the meeting of the Special Executive on Tuesday evening? Why didn’t you allow your OWN Overview & Scrutiny Committee – to at least have a view and a say, on the IMPORTANT modifications to the LOCAL PLAN? AND… WHY aren’t relationship and attitudes between Waverley borough councillors and officers improving?


We have heard from a number of your members Commander Potts, particularly some of those within your own ruling party,  that they feel ignored, marginalised and are no longer confident enough to answer to their electors for the role they are not allowed to play in the democratic process and its decision-making. The EXECUTIVE  you command is not listening! Do you hear that – not listening!

As Waverley Towers becomes more remote every day from those we elected to represent us, what are you actually afraid of? If you have nothing to hide – why not allow your scrutineers to do their jobs and scrutinise? What’s the rush? Why are you allowing a Government `Inspector to give the bums rush to a Local Plan that has been 13 years in the making?

You are quoted as saying you want to ’embrace change,’ for the ‘ good of the residents you are here to serve.’ Just words Commander Potts – or a genuine pledge? We know you have made huge strides since the vice-like grip of Robert Know-less, was released – and we know you have tried to open the gates after they were Shut by Richard. But it’s not enough! We want sandwiches not blinis! Actions not reactions!

Farnham people took a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in your Council and just a few months ago. Angry of Farnham became Angry of…

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 12.15.17

 Cranleigh!   It’s residents  did the same and others will surely follow!  You have had more Judicial Reviews that you have the cash to throw at  and Appeal Inspectors are over-ruling your decisions on a daily basis. Your residents are becoming more and more angry each day that goes by – so what ARE you going to do about it?

Because shortly even Dunsfold’s Wings may  have Wheels! Where do you go then? Tell us all the truth – what is your Plan B – where do you intend scattering those 2,600 homes in the borough of Waverley? – Cranleigh another thousand or so, Farnham another thousand – or, how about 400 in Elstead or 500 in Witley – or 600 in Hascombe or even 500 in Munsted?

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 09.24.27.png

This article from the Haslemere Herald was written earlier this year. And if you missed the webcast of the Special Executive – you can catch a bit of it here! But sadly you won’t find it on the council’s Website! Why? Ah! we now know why – and that will be the subject of another post!

 The die is cast – and ‘Your Waverley’ goes out to public consultation on the Local Plan – including higher housing numbers to satisfy Woking’s unmet need.

4 thoughts on “Why are we still waiting – for that ‘cultural change’ Commander Potts?”

  1. Hear hear! I would really like to know why the Tuesday meeting was not on the Site and why I could only get to it via WW and even then it was just a snippet. I know all the notes are up there but just not good enough and we have to wait until May 2019 before we can vote some of them out???

  2. You are so right – what is it with these people – don’t they realise that the strength of feeling is getting stronger and uglier by the minute. The views of residents, based on local knowledge and concern for the areas in which they live count for nothing.
    EXECUTIVE meetings are a sham! Sure way to determine whether Executive cabinet meetings are a sham is to time them. If they last less than an hour with sod all debate, you can be sure all the discussions have been held in secret. Some Waverley meetings don’t even last half that time!
    Grow a backbone? Them! – Nelson will get his eye back before that will ever happen!

  3. Oh WW – You sound almost as cross as I am!!! But then I have been banging on about this for so long. The Council is Skewed and without a doubt in general West-Scentric. ( With the exception of Cllr. Hyman – who I have a huge amount of respect for) The fact that this Farnham debacle has come to light is what makes you all so cross – and I get it – The Inspector questioned the disproportionate amount of development in the East and he obviously doesn’t quite get Greenbelt as he has dismissed it for Cranleigh and parts of Farnham, Godalming and Haslemere. As you know we don’t have it here in the lower East of the Borough – so nothing to lose here just GREEN FIELDS.

    You will never have a fair and Just council that is so brow beaten by the Leader and heads of the various other committees – I do watch (what is up there) online but it is not Open and far too much is hidden from either Public attendance or online viewing.

    Must be time for a Spritz – I am still on Hols and apart from the odd rant – Intend to enjoy it!

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