Snippets on Springbok – Or Thakeham Homes answer to Dunsfold Park.

With all those public inquiries going on  in Waverley’s manor, poor old Incy Wincey needed life-support, and was forced to hang-in there for a few days!animated-spider-image-0157

Forced to rely upon snippets of information from our followers and the other arachnids we can now  dish the dirt on ‘Poor Old Awfold , Orford, Arford – or perhaps ALFOLD and the deluge of housing it may be forced to endure – at the hands of Care Ashore and Thakeham Homes.

Now, we like to think we have remained consistent in our view of the future growth of Planet Waverley. We believe that brownfield sites should be developed first – and then the countryside sacrificed on the altars of wannabe developers.’  Alright, alright! we know you won’t agree Denise and Doubting Thomas- but a great many people in Waverley’s Wunderland think along the same lines – so forgive us – please?

One thing is clear – from the paperwork we have tracked down – and the reports we have received.  Thakeham Homes is hanging Alfold New Town on the coat-tails of Dunsfold New Town! Although according to a very bright young woman called Jacqueline Mulliner (Thakeham’s planning expert) – they may have a synergy!



DALFOLD NEW TOWN OR DUNFOLD NEW TOWN OR…? Any suggestions  to mailto:


This is your Captain speaking we are just about to land at either a New town or perhaps Dunsfold Airport?

Now we are known for being a cynical bunch here at the Waverley Web but it is pretty obvious to us that the two week public inquiry into the Springbok Scheme to build around 480 new homes, to include care facilities; a hub; a new school; put on a bus service in perpetuity – running every 30 mins or so; leisure facilities; a home for old soldiers – oops sorry – old sailors from the four corners of the world – is, the landlubbers dream to save Care Ashore, – the former Merchants’ Seaman’s War Memorial Society charity – and of course make scwillions for the Sussex-based Thakeham Homes.

Oh! and before the Inquiry was under-way Thakeham told Inspector Richard Clegg they would be asking him to send its huge bill – (at times there were 14 honchos headed by QC ‘bust your braces’ David Elvin representing the developers) to ‘Your Waverley.’ Oops… can we hear the tinkle of more money down drain or in this case to the Landmark Chambers?

Speaking of drains – there was lots of talk about Alfold’s flooding problems;  of sewage squelching up through residents’ patios – Ugh! and, the direction the new residents’ effluent if, and when the appeal was approved, would be dispatched.  Some thought it was going to Loxwood via Southern Water – but it would appear everyone agreed it was going to good old Cranleigh travelling across country from a new Alfold pumping station, through the farms, countryside, woodland – across roads and bridges – to Thames Waters’ Sewage Treatment Works in, yes, you guessed Elmbridge Road! Which we should add already receives two Olympic sized swimming pools every day – or is it three?

Of course, we all know where the developers’ really intend to send it – just a couple of hundred yards across the Dunsfold Road into DUNSFOLD PARK where it will be treated!

As for a school – what it really intends is to contribute around £1m towards a new school – because £1m won’t build a shed these days, let alone a school – WHERE will they go? To a new school at..

 DUNSFOLD PARK of course!

Would the roads cope? Well, not really, that is unless DP goes ahead because Thakeham could only mitigate its own traffic generation – and, there won’t be much because residents’ will use public transport and get on their bike to work at…

Yes – you guessed – DUNSFOLD PARK!

Wincey heard that Kevin Deanus,  Alfold’s beleaguered borough councillor,  did his damnedest despite being given a rough ride by ‘QC ‘bust his braces’.  He just couldn’t quite understand why Councillor Deanus, didn’t know that many of his reason for objecting to the scheme, were not actually recognised by ‘Your Waverley’ or its legal representatives.

There was also another skirmish when Waverley’s own planning consultant didn’t actually agree with Waverley’s Schedule of Common Ground. For the uninitiated those are matters  already agreed by both parties before the hearing! However, he said he was ‘entitled to his own professional opinion’.

Bolting on a village of nearly 500 households to a village settlement with 200 households was not on, said Councillor D. And the residents – all four of them – agreed with him. In fact we heard that a former Alfold borough councillor even schleped over from deepest Sussex to oppose the scheme.

The BIG Q hanging over the two-week event was?

Where was the Chairman of Alfold Parish Council, or perhaps even a parish councillor, or perhaps even the Clerk or the parish cleaner? And… we apologise if there are any inaccuracies in this post because where was the WAVERLEY WEB?






6 thoughts on “Snippets on Springbok – Or Thakeham Homes answer to Dunsfold Park.”

  1. You know that game “pin the tail on the donkey”?

    Well, supposing you were a visitor to Waverley and you were invited to pin the whole housing numbers target onto one point on a map of our borough, but in this case you were allowed not to have to wear a blindfold? Well then, you’d pin it on Milford, wouldn’t you?

    You’d pick the place in the Borough which had plenty of undeveloped land, is close to a mainline railway station (that could easily have its platforms extended) so people could get to work, was close to the A3 and the A31, and close to enough to existing main settlements for shopping, schools and so on. And you wouldn’t have to worry about Green Belt as there are plenty of new housing growth areas springing up around the country on Green Belt currently. Anyway, if you build a housing estate on a pretty green field, whether or not it happens by historical chance to be called “Green Belt” doesn’t change it from being a pretty green field.

    Yep, Milford it would be.

    So can anyone tell me why instead Waverley is dumping new housing into Farnham and Godalming which are already grid-locked with traffic, and into the area of the borough furthest away from main roads and rail stations (Cranleigh, Dunsfold and Alfold)? Is there some glaringly obvious point I’m missing here?

    Thanks Waverley Web for letting people like me air their comments.

  2. I agree with Adrian Clarke, Milford can indeed take a large housing development on the Golf Club (or is that sacrilege?). I live in Milford and have no objections to new homes and getting rid of the old boys club house.

  3. Application for costs also refused. Nice little bill for Thakeham which won’t help their financial situation.

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