Have our followers found the answer to the Foryszewski Saga?

You may remember we posted a WANTED notice a week or so back! You can refresh your memory here:

Part 1 – of some people will go to any lengths to get planning permissions.


Part 11 of – Some people will go to extreme lengths to get planning permission!

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Ye Gods! Whoever would have thought our little Wanted Poster, appealing for information, would have resulted in such an avalanche of emo skidding into our in box. It nearly crashed the Waverley Web!!!

We’ve had to pick our way through the glut of speculation, titillation and utter rubbish that’s been sent our way but, bit by bit we’ve dug and layer by layer, we’ve peeled our way to what we believe is a fair understanding of that to which Councillor Foryszewski was alluding.

The first clue, which many of our readers cottoned onto, was that Councillor Foryszewski was speaking in advance of a planning application relating to  Little Meadow, which is owned or controlled by Crownhall Estates Ltd, which is based at The Common in Cranleigh.

Local businessman, Hamish Robbie, is the gentleman (although, in the circumstances – more of which later – Mr Robbie would appear to be no gentleman!) understood to be behind the allegation Councillor Foryszewski was alluding to.

As we understand it, Mr Robbie has made some pretty colourful, foul and – as Mrs Foryszewski intimated – completely unsubstantiated allegations about the  Councillor.

What a pity Mr Robbie didn’t take a leaf out of his own book and ape the advice he offers on his Twitter Account: ‘The less said the better!’

Waverley Web’s advice to Councillor Foryszewski: ‘speak to the other party mentioned by Mr Robbie in relation to his allegations!!

We’re quite sure if that person was aware of Mr Robbie’s allegations – given they’re renowned for their deep pockets and short fuse – they would wring a retraction out of Mr Robbie faster than the eejit Mr Robbie can utter the words, ‘Help! I need a Libel Lawyer!’

And, if they don’t we, at the Waverley Web, look forward to covering the case when it gets to court! Not least because we’d be very interested to learn who it was that put the gullible Mr Robbie up to this distasteful farrago. Knowing the dramatis personae involved, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out but if the Waverley Web named names of the cabal most likely to be behind this deeply distasteful slur on Councillor Forsewski, without firm evidence of their involvement, we’d be behaving as badly as that gullible eejit Mr Robbie and we like to think we’re a little bit better than Mr Robbie and his ‘secret meeting’ cohorts.

So, Mr Robbie, why don’t you either put up or withdraw the allegation? And, whilst you’re at the latter – as our sources don’t believe you have either the evidence or the balls for the former – apologise, unreservedly, to Councillor Foryszewski for

1. Being such an eejit!
2. For being so gullible!
3. For having a big, potty, gob!
4. And for failing to engage the brain – that we can only assume you must possess – before opening it!

If not, you not only get our award for

1. Wally of the Week
2. but Mouth of the Month
3. and Yob of the Year.

So, brace yourself, because you could be getting regular mentions henceforth here on the Waverley Web! 

Oh and if you want to tap him on the shoulder and tell him yourself he’s  pictured here:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 21.01.32.png
Our advice to the gullible Mr Robbie: Why don’t you make yourself a nice cup of coffee, sit down and think about how you’d feel if your wife was the subject of allegations, made by a gullible eejit like yourself, similar to those you’ve made about Councillor Foryszewski … Not nice is it?

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to grow up, Mr Robbie, and contemplate the discombobulating realisation that you’ve been played like a fiddle! You’ve been a poodle and a puppet, used and, in turn, abused by someone or someones who wanted to settle a few scores, rattle a few cages and spike the guns of  a councillor who wouldn’t do what that, someone or someones, wanted them to do!

So go on, Mr Robbie, we dare you, why not be a man and admit you made a mistake? It can happen to the best of us – only difference is, the best of us own up and apologise when we do, rather than try to cover it up with a silo of silence! You can contact us at mailto: contact@waverleyweb.org

2 thoughts on “Have our followers found the answer to the Foryszewski Saga?”

  1. why am I not surprised, is this the same person that wants to build more industrial units on Mansfield Park site on the green belt?

  2. You have it one! The very same developer who is working with ‘Your Waverley’ and ‘your money’ to build a new industrial estate in the Guildford Road adjacent to housing. The timetable has slipped back a bit though!

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