The controversial public inquiry to more than double the size of Alfold was forced to close early to allow another show to go on!

We heard from an attendee that business was suspended early at the Springbok Inquiry recently because a planned  Punch & Judy Show required the Cranleigh Art Centre stage.

Where did Punch and Judy come from? Why did they become popular at the seaside? Well,  Jonathan Cann, a local entertainer and friends could have learned a lot if they had attended the  Arts Centre just a bit earlier.  They would have found they had much in common with  barristers  – Robin Green and QC David Elvin who held  the stage earlier that day.

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‘Oh no you can’t build on a green field in the middle of the countryside’, said ‘Your Waverley’s lawyers and planning experts – ‘Oh yes, we can’ claimed Thakeham Homes’ avuncular barrister who nearly busted his braces in his attempt to persuade Government Inspector Richard Clegg that Alfold would benefit …there would be more buses, people, children, old folks and most important – seafarers from around the globe making their way to: …

 A 60 unit independent living care facility, with 20 associated bungalow following demolition of the existing care home. Erection of 125 dwellings including shop and cafe; all with community facilities including sports pitches, public open space and associated works with the provision of two new accesses – one onto Dunsfold Road and one on to Loxwood Road. Also an outline application for another275 dwellings, a care home, and a primary school with associated open space. 

All in a small rural village whose actual settlement comprises just 200 properties! Where sewage overflows, and which  experiences regular flooding, power cuts, has few facilities, no school, public transport or health services.

Fortunately for ‘Your Waverley’ the outcome of Thakeham’s appeal had already been pre-determined by Sunny Jim – Councillor Jim Edwards – who, before the hearing even started,  piped up and claimed – the Appellant ‘doesn’t have a leg to stand on’ and asked the council for £100,000 to fund the legal team’s fight,  because there wasn’t any money in the council coffers! Dumb or what!Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 09.10.22.png

Thank God it was left to Councillor Kevin Deanus to speak up for villagers rather than the Welsh fart from Haslemere, Critchmere & Shottermill, who bears  a remarkable resemblance to Judy!  We heard from a Springbok resident that he, DeAnus that is  – ‘did Alfold proud.’ Despite the fact that he is also opposing development a brownfield site just a spit away at Dunsfold Park! WW can’t help wondering where he does want the mounting number of ‘Your Waverley’s’ share of homes to go … probably like Protect Our Little Corner of Waverley – in the Green Belt!

Old Incy Wincy’s  been busy dealing with the stuff of other people’s lives around the borough so has been grateful for the locals view of the 8 -day inquiry.

Oh boy has life been busy for ‘Your Waverley’ this week. Legal eagles lined up at the Dunsfold Park Inquiry.   Hopping off to get Court injunctions to throw off a train of  travellers who rocked up all over Farnham including its  Park and the  Dogflud  Car Park to name but a few. Talk about the ‘Silly Season’ – it gets sillier by the minute!

6 thoughts on “The controversial public inquiry to more than double the size of Alfold was forced to close early to allow another show to go on!”

  1. WW – More Info – Less Vitriol Please…. I know it is the weekend and you must be as fed up as the rest of us!!! Glad to hear something positive about KD – Just for once be KIND! he is trying to help us here! – As ever sorry to hear of your woes in the West – Hope things work out – Back on Monday! and ready for Work!

  2. We understand that KD did an amazing job and rather hoped we managed to get that message across. Sadly, we understand very few people attended the Inquiry, so our information of events is rather sketchy, however we will try and provide you with more information should this become available. Hope you had a great holiday and can ease yourself gently back into work. The WW understands the villagers in Alfold are well represented by Councillor Deanus. Apparently, according to a Springbok resident, he has attended the hearing every single day. No mean feat!

  3. Oh please Deanus is just another Nimby! I do not believe that there should be this major development at Alfold but Deanus has been absent in trying to prevent major unsustainable projects elsewhere in the East.

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