Yesterday at the Dunsfold Inquiry… as opposed to ‘Yesterday in Parliament.’

There was a brief moment of drama at the Dunsfold Park Inquiry on Thursday morning when the Inspector took the three QCs aside for a chat but the excitement quickly dissipated when it became apparent he simply wanted to discuss the timetable for the next few days. No breaking news there then!

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All because the Dunsfold Developer has positively skipped through their witnesses this week, with their final expert, Michael Derbyshire, concluding his stint by lunch time, which meant an unexpectedly long week-end for all concerned, as PoW & the Parishes claimed they weren’t ready to commence the discussion on planning conditions early.

It was the same old, same old faces in the stalls – do these people not have anything better to do with their time? No jobs to go to? Of course not! Silly us! They’re mainly pensioners living off their final salary gold-plates!

We’re still hanging from numerous webs – sack the cleaners we say!

Elsewhere in the Chamber, Councillor John Gray was busy glad-handing all parties on all sides, in a bid to appear impartial, after other councillors complained, earlier in the week, they’d been scolded by PoW for passing the time of day with what PoW termed ‘the opposition’! ‘It’s like being back in the school playground,’ muttered one, clearly irritated, member!

Not content with scolding their parish and borough councillors, PoW had also accused a member of the Dunsfold Developer’s team of sneaking into the public gallery to spy on their supporters. The looks of surprise and astonishment on the faces of their protagonists made it far clearer than any words could just what they thought of the suggestion that they were remotely interested in anything the motley PoW cabal had to say.

And why would they be? There can be little doubt that whilst the Dunsfold Developer may not win this battle – what with the Secretary of State having the final say on the proposals and him having already shown himself to be in thrall to Mistress Milton and Jeremy Let’s-Shunt-All-the-Housing-onto-Farnham, who are, in turn, completely in thrall to PoW’s Cash & Clout Brigade, who fund their campaigns and Conservative Party Coffers – but there is no doubt in the minds of those who have observed this Inquiry that Dunsfold Park have made a fine case.

On behalf of PoW & the Parishes, The Stench (damn this prescriptive text again)  has struggled – really struggled – to mount an effective argument against the application. OK, it might not be the perfect solution and, in an ideal world, no one wants housing on their doorstep but, in our less than perfect world, surely it’s better to build on brownfields before green fields …
Whoa!! Hold your horses there, Cowboy! Charles William Orange Esq (AKA OJ), Up-to-his-Columbier (AKA Nik ‘The Dick’  Pidgeon) and Michael Sutcliffe’s friend, Waitrose Man, all disagree! Because they all have green fields they now want to develop in the villages. Of course they have! And they’re going to be renaming them Aw-Kerching-fold, Ckerchingfold and Has-Kerching!


A bottle of Champagne to the first reader to spot OJ’s concrete mixers arriving in the borough, on low loaders, from some other poor sod’s back yard! Here at the Waverley Web, we’re taking bets they’ll be arriving in the dead of night, when there’s a black moon! Cos, OJ’s been noticeably absent from the Public Inquiry since we revealed his dirty little, muddy secret! Maybe the man does have some shame after all! We wouldn’t want you to miss it – so here it is again!

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