Dunsfold New Town – Awfold New Town- Cranleigh New Town – Chiddingfold New Town – all rolled into One?


Nobody can spell Alfold properly so we are joining with the populace – so Awfuld, Arfold, or any old Fold will do for the poor devils about to wear their little hearts inside  their concrete/wellington boots over there on the Surrey/Sussex border!


Because there’s nothing boring about  Government Inspector Jonathan Bore’s view of how things should look in ‘Your Waverley’ as he helps it plan its blueprint for development over the next 17 years.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – for developers eager to bury the borough’s green and pleasant fields  in lots more concrete! Now the examination in public of Waverley’s Daft Local Plan  has ended … The Inspector/Developers/planners/ have all, ruminated and cogitated…


But don’t worry Guys and Gals it isn’t written on tablets of stone…YET! Because when Waverley holds an Extraordinary Council Meeting next week – it will decide that it’s Daft Local Plan will go out to… wait for it… WAIT FOR IT…!


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And… send it out to the voting fodder, while they are all on holiday?

In a weeks time the planning plonkers are recommending approval of 27 homes on the Wyevale Garden Centre site on the A281, wiping out a local employment site and another 39 dwellings on land at Brockhurst – a green field just down the road at Alfold Crossways just a few hundred yards from the entrance to Dunsfold Park!

A week later a Government Inspector will hear Thakeham Homes’ Appeal to build 465 homes on agricultural land at Springbok in Alfold  for Care Ashore. We make that 531 – doubling the size of Arford. Perhaps it will change its name along with its rural character?

So Alfold could soon be Upper Awfuld – Lower Arnold – or  Nether Alfold Town ! All thanks to the dummies who opposed building on the largest brownfield site in the borough at Dunsfold airfield. And just guess whose planning to go there?

An Invasion of Irish Travellers!  Remember – you heard it here first!

16 thoughts on “Dunsfold New Town – Awfold New Town- Cranleigh New Town – Chiddingfold New Town – all rolled into One?”

  1. WW – You know I live here and this annoys the Hell out of me – It is – Accept Dunsfold or you get the rest of the Cr*P – I am afraid it isn’t good enough – Wyevale Garden Centre – I love – and the staff are all Local people who pretty much walk to work – they are kind and lovely people and will be made redundant bar the Manager – I get the fact it is Brownfield – But who is going to employ these people? – This is what Wyevale do – they buy these sites – specifically for redevelopment – and bugger the consequences for those that work there and the local community that use them.

    As for land at Brockhurst – they have at least moved the majority to Ag Grade 2 from Ag 3B land – But Guess what ? as soon as they get the application through I have no doubt the Good Ag land will become previously developed Land as there are a few on it and they will build more – In a village with Bugger all Buses no trains and a petrol station that closes randomly with no notice so forget filling up the car and using the M&S – that all of us Welly-wearing Yummyies wear…..and shop regularly (NOT!) – Have you ever tried to Cross Dunsfold Road – with an Elderly Dog? Whn the cars are whizzing down this little lane? Don’t!

    Having just come out of the Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford (hence my Silence) all I can say is they are overwhelmed and understaffed -My Doctors in Loxwood are so pushed that I had to wait 3 days to get an appointment – Meanwhile I had Necrosis (ie skin being eaten by Bacteria) and had to be rushed to Guildford. So don’t tell me Dunsfold is the panacea and will make everything else stop – It WON’T – They are offering little that will help us here in the East and the few Road Improvements and medical centre in the future do not cut the mustard.

    I am just so angry and feel for Cranleigh – the Village I have come to love since moving here – But we in ALFOLD are being completely stuffed by a bunch of Planners and JPCs that despite them saying we have good representation in the East – If you add up all the Central and Southern councillors to the WEST ones we have no hope at all – It is only representational in that as the West and Central have larger Populations they have a bigger share of the Vote and they are voting to shove it all here in the East – It is wrong and they know it.
    I have no intention of moving – But I am buggered If I am going to be silent on this – FED UP! and Bally Angry of Alfold (Note spelling)

    1. We full understand your anger and frustration, please believe us, we really do! However if the dummies at Waverley had allowed Dunsfold Park to be developed to the standard it had intended years go, perhaps – just perhaps – those fertile agricultural fields would not be facing burial by concrete.

      Please, don’t be silent, vent your spleen and we will post on it – so everyone in Waverley, including all those villages that will soon face the same threat, will stand up and fight for their communities.

      As for Wyevale Garden Centre – the nearest to Alfold is in Reigate or down in West Sussex near Washington. WW understands the Notcutts Garden Centre in Cranleigh has been earmarked for development too. Sorry! But then ‘YW’ doesn’t seem to want employment for local people – just homes in which they can buy and live? But where will they work?

      Sadly, everything we predicted may come to pass. The East of the borough will get the worst of all worlds!

      So sorry to hear you have been unwell, and we wish you a very speedy recovery. From all of us here at the Waverley Web.

  2. If I could just be rude and say what I think about the Numpheads in Planning I would – But I must try and be reasonable – I am sick to death of them just saying YES and then we have to fight the developers I understand that they need to look at the Planning Regs and NFPP rules

    I hope The Housing Forum that are arguing this – have kids and realise what they are doing to this area. Not everywhere has to be RIGHT for young Families and I wish Alfold WAS – But young people need to be near schools, Public transport and local facilities and we simply don’t have them and DP is NOT going to provide them nor are any of the F***Wits developing in Cranleigh – When is Someone on the JPC going to realise this??? GIVE US A TRAIN STATION – Improve the road network – DO SOMETHING not just a few Twiddles on road Junctions.

    Don’t know about anyone else – But I the Black Sh1t that sticks to my Hedges and signage is foul and sticky black – If I had children – I would worry far more about their health – Has enough been done about this? – I am an old fart and can cope – but I would not want to be a young Mum with Kids living on the A281.

    I will be better when I don’t have to read this Sh1t on the YW Website – Thanks as ever for letting me Vent
    Please find out where the PLANNERS Live then at least we can hold them to account – If they are making these decisions they SHOULD be Accountable…….and at the moment I don’t feel they are.

  3. The chief shit lives in Munstead, far away from the traffic, the foul air the rest of us are forced to breathe, and she has no flooding problems. However, if she tries to shop in Sainsbury’s it could, like one of our followers on the WW – take her over an hour just to get out of the car park!
    Accountable! Dream on dear Denise!
    Take a look at our next post which reveals how one Tory Cranleigh councillor apologies to the planning officers for another Cranleigh councillor (an Independent by the way) who dared to oppose building on a flood plain. It is enough to make you vomit – we will pass the bowl!

  4. A timely and useful thread, thanks, but for accuracy I’d just mention that there isn’t an Extraordinary Council Meeting scheduled – it’s an extra Exec meeting (ie “Special Meeting of the Executive”) inserted before the Full Council Meeting on Tuesday 18th (6 pm start).

    The Agenda has not yet been published, but you’re probably right to predict that it will include a ‘housekeeping’ Item to agree the 6-week Public Consultation on the proposed Modifications to the Local Plan (LPP1).
    I could be wrong, but I expect the Agenda to appear on Monday at :

  5. Mr Hyman
    You are one of the few councillors that take your job seriously and I have a huge amount of respect for the fact that you actually challenge the Planners over their inaccurate work – But you are constantly being shut down by the Chair. Please keep fighting to ensure that WBC is accountable for their decisions and that the Planners are working for the residents of the Borough and not just towing the line to ensure we meet our perceived Housing need as dictated by Central Government

    1. Maybe you should know that ‘insiders’ at Waverley Towers tell us that many would like to be shot of him, and the sooner the better. However, the Waverley spider will dangle from our web, and will report their every move. We would like to hear if the information we have received about the ‘bully boys within’ are accurate Councillor Hyman?

  6. YAHAY!! Both stopped for now tho’ I think we will lose the lovely Garden Centre – Will just have to keep buying the Managers cast offs – and chatting to the lovely people that work there.

    Kevin did a great job and managed to keep Mr Arsy-Isherwood in Check – so please do not berate him …. – as for MS Cockburn – What right does she had to comment over issues here in the East?? I have to be honest there was a huge amount of swearing this evening in our Household – Because they just don’t get it in Farnham that we are a Tiny Wee Village – and until they do they should Shut the F***** Up
    Feel free to cover my annoyance – But for once I felt we won and it has been a long time coming

    1. We here at the Waverley Web believe Councillor Deanus did a remarkable job. But, we wonder… would Arsy Isherwood have allowed Councillor Hyman, who doesn’t even deserve to be addressed as councillor any more – be allowed to speak for five minutes let alone over an hour!

      But ten out of ten Councillor Deanus for standing up for your village, and ignoring all those ugly faces being pulled by Mutt and Jeff (Carole Cockburn and her side-kick Isherwood.)

  7. Oh and by the way – Apart from Kevin as ever Councillor Hyman – Who you correctly stated on previous posts is now just HYMAN – By Mr Arsy-Isherwood – As usual queried the legalities as did Mulliner- thank goodness we have a few Good Ones along with Ms F and Surprisingly Ms Frost – We will see if that was just an aberration!!

    1. I think the terrible spectre of the burning tower may, just may, make councillors give a little more thought to health and safety issues, despite being told by Liz The Biz to mind their Biz!!

    1. Not quite sure what the total acreage is, but they are buying up land all over Stovolds Hill, including the site immediately adjacent to Lydia Park, the showman’s site opposite and all the land adjacent to Dunsfold Park around Stovolds Hill Farm.
      They have also received planning permission for the illegal stationing of mobile homes on the Dunsfold Road, Alfold and Knowle Lane, Cranleigh.
      Some Irish travellers have also moved onto the Lydia Park site in Stovolds Hill, much to the annoyance of the Romany gipsies who have lived there for over 30 years!

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