With the Inquiry into Waverley Borough Council’s Daft Local Plan progressing  and the Inquiry into Dunsfold Park’s planning application (to build 1,800 houses at the aerodrome) hard on its heels, we at Waverley Web thought we’d take a peek at what POLCOW (AKA Protect Our Little Corner of Waverley) has been up to lately.

Our interest was piqued when we heard a rumour – from one of our spiders within the Hallowed Halls of the Burys – that Protect Our Little Corner has, at the eleventh hour, thrown in the towel over its ill-conceived Judicial Review of the Joint Planning Committee’s decision to grant consent for 1,800 houses at the aerodrome back in 2016 … as long as Waverley BC doesn’t ask for costs!

Bet Farnham’s Fearless Famous Five will be pleased to hear ‘Your Waverley’ has, despite POLCW having squandered yet more of taxpayer’s money on this completely ‘vexatious litigation’ will not have to bear Waverleys  costs! We await Farnham’s  response… Oops haven’t they paid up and been been gagged?

BLOODY CHEEK! This -little-Tory clique has not only wasted ‘YW’s’  finite time and resources in fighting this ridiculous JR it  now,  adds insult to injury, having realised they haven’t a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. Rather than backing out of Court with their tail between their legs and their balls in a sling, they don’t even have the decency to pay for their grandiose bluster!

Cynically, they want the Waverley tax payer to pick up the bill for their bullsh*t and hubris!

What an awe-inspiring lack of self-awareness Bob Lies (oops! we meant to say Lees) and his motley crew have! Not only are they happy to waste Council funds on an ill-conceived whim, they’re  oblivious that their actions have also sucked the life blood out of the community. The money ‘YW’  has  wasted defending this action could have been better spent on keeping the borough’s public loos open or supporting the elderly! Well done Mr Lies and co. What a public-spirited bunch you are … not!

 Now –  what a bunch of busy little bees they’ve been on their website!  If one took their postings at face value one could almost be forgiven for thinking POLCOW had been out and about tirelessly campaigning across the Borough to defend us all …

As if!

An an attempt   to appear to live up to their overly ambitious and distinctly disingenuous name – PROTECT OUR WAVERLEY AKA Protect our Little Corner of Alfold and Dunsfold – has been pumping out posts designed with no other purpose in mind than to give the impression that they really do care about the entire borough, rather than just their little corner of it.

Pity they forgot to adjust their strap line accordingly. It still reads:

To raise awareness and rally support of all communities affected by, and concerned about, the potentially harmful impact of the Dunsfold New Town proposal. What about Alfold New Town, and …

what about Cranleigh New Town in the making? Ba Humbug! They don’t give a fig for Cranleigh! If they did they would have been up there last week, opposing one of the most disgraceful applications on a green field  sewage stinking flood plain ever to come before Waverley Planners! 

 Too little and definitely too late they seized upon the same developer’s Springbok planning application and roused themselves sufficiently to put a brief – yes, very brief, but credit where it’s due! – synopsis of Thakeham Homes’ plans on their website, urging people to object…, cos it will look good if the Dunsfold Park Planning Inspector thinks to questions their impartiality.

 In May they reported briefly – very briefly! – on Cranleigh residents’ vote of no confidence in ‘YW.’ Not because they give a damn about Cranleigh – in fact, their attitude is the more housing dumped on Cranleigh and here in Farnham, the better, as it saves poor old (yes, really, poor old) Alfold and Dunsfold! They even went so far as to shamelessly beef up their post with a You Tube video filched from the Cranleigh Society’s website …, cos, other than the owner of the hapless POW Cow, no one from POW bothered to turn up to the meeting in Cranleigh Village Hall. Are they bothered? Course they’re not!

Yep, folks, that’s how much POLCOW  cares – really cares – about the rest of the Borough, all they care about  is part – not all – of their little corner.  But they’re loading up their website with linguistic litter to make it look as if they’re the borough-wide concern they pretend to be!

And don’t get us started on the cynical lies they tell in order to redefine reality as they wish it to be perceived. After all, their attitude is, unashamedly, why let a little lie here and there get in the way of a good smear? And, as we know, they’re firm believers in the theory that repetitive rhetoric is the key to making people believe what they tell them. Why? Because if they hear it time and time and time again, surely, it must be true!

Getting back to their raison d’etre – Dunsfold Park – they latched onto a national news story run by The Sun, claiming the stakes had  been raised  because the national treasure that is the Top Gear track at Dunsfold was threatened. 

National Treasure???!!! The Top Gear Track at Dunsfold???!!! Don’t make us laugh! We all know that if Dunsfold Park doesn’t satisfy the Secretary of State and doesn’t get its planning application rubber-stamped, the signed-up, members of POLCOW  won’t even wait for the Denbies Demi-Sec to hit their coupes and flutes before they line up their sights, once again, on the Top Gear Track and begin badgering Waverley’s planners about the racket coming from there. They’ll go into reverse gear faster than Sebastian Vettel into Lewis Hamilton and  campaign to get rid it of  motoring and aviation, which they’ve spent years complaining about before doing an oh-so-convenient handbrake-turn and proclaiming it a National Treasure. Laugh? So hard, we nearly peed our pants when we heard that one!

Talking about an awe-inspiring lack of self-awareness –  the prize for that has to go to Graham & Lyn Cornick of Hydestile who, with a complete lack of the aforementioned, complimented POLCOW’s posting of Matt Le Blanc’s amusing recreation of a scene from one of the Bond movies in praise of the aforementioned National Treasure, saying:

‘Great video we’ve passed this on to many others that may help[;] our greatest concern of course is the impact on the wildlife in and around Dunsfold, they are already under pressure and the development they are proposing would put the nail in the coffin for many species.’

This attitude sums up the two-faced and entirely preposterous position of Protect Our Little Corner; Graham and Lyn care about the wildlife in and around Dunsfold and they see Top Gear’s antics at the aerodrome as only slightly less acceptable than development but it’s a case of softly-softly catchee monkey: first get rid of the development threat, then turn your guns on the motoring facility, then obliterate the aviation. Game, set & match to POLCOW!

And, in the meantime, Cranleigh and Farnham residents are suffering the backlash from their behaviour.

Bugger the hedgehogs … what about the poor bloody people, some of whom may soon be up to their necks in sewage and floodwater ???


  1. I wonder what Matron Milton will make of all this? No doubt she is fully supportive of the complete waste of taxpayers money?

  2. What a hapless rant. Really WW, you need to kick this particular ill informed writer off your team. She’s not helping your usually stable comment.

  3. Is Jamie talking about Christine’s comment? I think not as it is hardly a rant. He must, therefore be referring to the article, if so is he an insider with knowledge of who writes for you as he refers to it having been written by a woman? I suspect he may be from POW, so WW better watch out for who is watching you.

  4. OMG! A woman – writing for the Waverley Web! Never – far too emotional! All the blokes on our team have now slammed down the lids of their laptops and have gone AWOL down to The Cobbett with their mates because some daft Dunsfold dude thinks they write like a woman!

    Anyone out there want a job on the WW? – Females only need apply!

  5. So Jamie men don’t get emotional? Sounds like you have about this article but there again maybe you are a woman?

  6. And rosealeenegan Jamie can be both male and female, must not assume anything in this world!!!!

  7. Oh dearJamie. Bet you wish you had kept your comments to yourself – now you have managed to upset all the guys here at the Waverley Web, and the gals too!

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