Quite simply – ‘Your Waverley Officers’- Lie!

Here at the Waverley Web we like to tell it as it is!

There are numerous  of ways of describing distortions of the truth: 

There are untruths, fallacies,  being economical with the truth, there are fibs and  porkies. You can tell whoppers, taratiddle, be deceitful or be deceptive. 

OR… tell, downright lies!

And let’s just face  the Fact that – ‘Your Waverley’s Planning Officers’ are telling our elected representatives, and us  … DOWNRIGHT  LIES.

This week, once again, Honesty, truth and transparency became an anathema at ‘Your Waverley.’

It was quite a minor application in the big scheme of things: Thakeham Homes want to build 54 dwellings on land in Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh.

However, the accumulative effective is much bigger as it is adjacent  to 700/800 others nearby. It is   opposite Cranleigh’s over loaded stinking  Poo Factory on land that has flooded since the year dot.  The public know it, councillors know it, the developers know it …. Waverley’s planning officers know it, but they told councillors that : The Environment Agency had raised no objection…. A LIE.

Here’s what Cranleigh Councillors had to say:

Cranleigh Parish Councillor, Councillor Brian Freeston.



Parish and Waverley Borough Councillor, Liz Townsend:


Click on the link bellow and  you will see what the Environment Agency actually say.

Ea letter re suds 7 Dec 2016




6 thoughts on “Quite simply – ‘Your Waverley Officers’- Lie!”

  1. Nothing new here, when Brian and I complained about 2 officers lying we were told to withdraw the allegation. OFFICERS DON’T LIE. That was 10 years ago and nothing has changed

  2. Well, from now on we will capture officers lying on video and we will post their lies. We will name and shame officers who constantly lie and we very much doubt the public will continue to accept this intolerable behaviour!
    But where is the backbone of our elected representatives? Our next post will contain a clip of one Cranleigh borough councillor, who is seen apologising for disagreeing with the officers. It is enough to make you feel sick!

  3. I have written to Anne Milton,concerning the lack of Council interaction with their electorate,a very nice man called Matthew replied that “Anne is meeting Waverley Councilors this month and would be discussing drainage and sewage”,what for the whole of Cranleigh I hear you cry!Oh good so that’s sorted out then.
    I also asked her to look at Cranleigh Schools free football pitch,and oh yes to call in Thakeham Homes application.
    I can’t wait I’m so excited that she will listen to one of her parishioners and get the democratic juices flowing again!!!

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