Are all those little chickens coming home to roost in Blightwells?

Is Farnham’s heritage safe in the hands of  ‘Your Waverley’ and its NBF?

We are certain that Anne Cooper gains no satisfaction that her 2012 warning that a Grade II listed building was not safe in the hands of Waverley Council and its New Best Fiend (Sic) – but sadly her prediction is coming true!

Vandals are now at work around Farnham’s East Street and ‘Your Waverley’ is preparing to throw £7,500 of ‘our’ money at a Security Guard. Whatever happened to our reliable coppers that once kept us, and our streets, safe? Still, what’s a few thousands here or there – ‘YW’ can always close a few more public toilets! Oops, it already has!

Of course we all know whose fault it isn’t – that the re-development of East Street has been delayed. Farnham’s Fearless Famous Fives’ failed Judicial Review. Despite the fact that the NBF (Crest) promised to be on site within three months of the legal ruling e.g. Beginning of June!



But you know what? if anyone questions councillors, or officers, on their actions, or lack of action … they just lie!

Thieves are much easier to deal with. You can lock from a thief, you can do nothing with liars! Except of course, expose their lies!

Ah! But of course you can only do that if you can observe democracy in action! But of course the most important council committees which  actually SCRUTINISE decisions, are no longer webcast at Waverley Towers! We wonder why? Surely not because of the press and this little old web?

Fear not folks, until those cleaners get longer feather dusters – we are hanging in there!

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  1. i don’t know about brown envelopes, but we get a few white ones from ‘concerned of Waverley’ containing some very useful information!

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