Is the boat about to sail for – Care Ashore?

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There’s a little matter that is concerning residents over there on the Surrey/Sussex border village of Alfold.

To worry or not to worry?

Like the residents,  we are not entirely sure what Thakeham Homes is up to this time in its desperate bid to cover the green fields of a  once  tiny village with many hundreds of new homes – not to make any money, say they,  – but to save a National Charity!

The Merchant Seaman’s War Memorial Society – now called Care Ashore wants to more than double the size of the place – only a few hundred yards from Dunsfold airfield!

But then desperation is the name of the game all over “Your Waverley’ at the moment – but in particular in the East. Why? Because ‘YW’ is claiming it has a five-year land supply tucked under its belt and developers beg to differ!

The Springbok planning consultants have written to ‘some’ objectors informing them that they are requesting that the new Springbok application (WA/2017/0360), is applied to the existing appeal (APP/R3650/W/16/3155714) instead of the original application (WA/2015/1381). 

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Now of course, it may actually be a good thing, if the whole matter can be resolved by just one appeal, rather than two. However, we, and the residents of Alfold believe it does raise a few very important  questions. 

Q As the appeal against Waverley Planners’ refusal is to be held on 18  July, how can the new application (0360) be part of the appeal as it has yet to be either refused or recommended by said  Planners, whose current decision target is recorded as being 29th May?

There is nothing concerning this application on the Joint Planning Committee Agenda for tomorrow Tuesday –  and currently there are no meetings scheduled for the month of June!!

Will there be time for everyone to be properly notified and make their comments on any second refusal? If not – why not?

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Villagers  are concerned that the developers might be trying to bypass the planning officers and put their second application straight to the appeal. After all, if the second application decision was delayed long enough, they could end up hearing an appeal on an application that had not actually been refused!

One thing WW can be sure of –  the developers will have done the least possible that they are obliged to do to inform the good people. of Alfold, and  everything they do is for a reason, and of course their main aim is to see the development go ahead, as, with Matron Milton’s success in persuading the Secretary of State to call in the Dunsfold scheme perhaps they believe they can snick in while no-one is looking – Suspicious – or what?

Perhaps If the locals, or anyone else for that matter,  have any views they can contact the Planning Inspectorate through their web page at

Alfold Parish Council is presently talking to another developer – Richard Cook – about his proposals for a new scheme to build on Chapel Fields – on green fields opposite the Alfold Craft Centre.

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