As they rock up tonight for the annual Mayor making – how about ‘Your Waverley’ members ensure democracy becomes local!

This is a question that will not be debated tonight – because the chain gang ceremony takes precedence over everything else tonight at “Your Waverley.’

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Following this letter – we believe, another name was added. However, it is a  councillor  among those least likely to  represent Cranleigh, and who is unlikely to ever stand again!! 

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Pull the other one!  – Ask anyone who, they believe, selects the membership of   influential committees? – The Executive – and Gone to Potts. As for seven members representing the East? Could they possibly mean Dunsfold’s  De’Anus keen to throw everything at Cranleigh to protect Alfold  and Dunsfold – and as for Bramley’s By-Pass Byham and Michael Goodridge (Wonersh) – say no more!gonetopotts

Here’s who will be representing your interests in the evolving huge development schemes planned in and around the Eastern villages including Cranleigh andEwhurst. Let’s hope that our two Farnham Residents councillors, Jerry Hyman and John Ward – if allowed – stick up for the East as well as the West.

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Because… another election is not that far away… and following on from the successes of Farnham Residents’ in last week’s county council elections, other local groups are setting their sights on similar prizes in the future. Sadly – by which time  the damage  will have been done!

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As we have said before – two Cranleigh Councillors selected.  One who either declares an interest, or stays away, and another who is consistently  ignored. So where is the woman who helped found the Cranleigh Civic Society, to Speak up for Cranleigh? We see Gone to Potts has put her on ‘HOUSING’ – well why not! After all where Liz comes from there will be a lot of it about!

Councillors for villages where there is little or no development have been selected to serve for the next crucial year.  Chairman Peter Isherwood will be there to continually    poke  his pencil up the East and West’s ar** whenever he gets the chance to use his Chairman’s and casting  votes at the JPC .  By-Pass Byham will be able to do the same in the  Eastern Area, which he chairs, – as long as development is everywhere – except at Dunsfold airfield!

Democracy or  Hypocrisy?

9 thoughts on “As they rock up tonight for the annual Mayor making – how about ‘Your Waverley’ members ensure democracy becomes local!”

  1. I begin to wonder if the people of Cranleigh as a whole (there are CSS and other exceptions) care about their environs. I expected Povey to win but the size of his vote proved that your picture of an ape with a blue rosette wins every time. I want to get hold of these residents and force them to take a long hard look at what they are doing to their “village” by their complacency. Mary F and Liz T are fighting the good fight but their troops do not appreciate what they have in their midst, I have said it before and will say it again the TT’s do not care about Cranleigh and they should sit as independents.

  2. We too wonder if the people over there in the East (with the exception of POW) give a damn what happens to their environment. Of course Povey won – and we apologise for being so crude with our picture of the ape with a blue rosette up its backside. But we dared to hope that the voting fodder there would investigate this man’s record before sending him back to SCC! Vain hope indeed – the complacency and disregard they have for their village is legendary. But, we here at the Waverley Web understand that house prices are dropping in the East – nothing like hitting people in their pockets to help them to wake up.
    Take a lead from councillors here in Farnham – set up a Residents’ Group, or persuade the Cranleigh Civic Society to put candidates forward. But don’t hold your breath, even their blood over there runs BLUE!

  3. I suppose that you include Cllr Mike Band (Shamley Green and North Cranleigh) as a Cranleigh representative on the JPC. His record over the latest 14 JPC meetings has been appalling in that respect. He has attended 50% in total and only 1 in 7 which have directly related to proposed developments in Cranleigh. This amounts to almost a total lack of concern in the fate of Cranleigh, but presumably Shamley Green is well looked after. There is a strong case for separating his duties and adding a member who has more concern for Cranleigh.

  4. Sorry – we forgot to mention the Rubber Band – because we have seen so little of him that we forgot he was still around! As you say he has shown a distinct lack of concern for Cranleigh. There is, of course, a very strong case for replacing him with someone who can stand up for Cranleigh, but that would never suit ‘Your Waverley’s cunning plan to use the East as a developers’ dumping ground – would it?

  5. Povey got in on the back of complacency only two other candidates contested,no residents or independents.He didn’t get my vote, but tactical voting is a no no with all the apathy in the village.
    The Americans have a saying ” you bought it you name it.”I hope the residents are pleased wth Thursday’s result..,as for me I’m off to do some property speculation a la caterpillar man.

    1. Dear Angry of Cranlegh – at least you are angry. The rest of them over there appear to be half asleep. Who said – ‘You get the Government you deserve.’ And…’The duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from its Government.’

      1. Ah the legendary Tom Paine,now there was a man who would have got the common mans blood coursing in this rotten borough (sorry Waverley).Still at least we have the 25th of May to look forward to if anybody has the public spirit to turn up(went the day well)!!

  6. When are people going to wake up to this? it makes my blood boil – Cranleigh is being crucified and we continue to be under represented anywhere on WBC – Alas I am not here for the Cranleigh Meeting – I didn’t vote Cons for the Surrey Elections and sure as hell wont vote for Cons in the WBC elections – I am counting the years.

    I have never seen such apathy – I spoke to someone from Loxwood (… I know it is W Sussex) the other day – who just didn’t vote – But got cross when I mentioned the Highest Council Tax in the country (Bar London) the rubbish Tip Hours that have resulted in a huge amount of Fly-tipping in the countryside and the lack of social care despite adding that on to our Council tax.

    Complacency is endemic here and it is about time People got Angry about what is going on – I hope they want to protect but also grow this beautiful part of the country – but in a way that is organic &; sustainable and doesn’t create a ghetto with limited options for the people that want to live here locally.

  7. Don’t worry Denise – when houses prices start dropping in this rotten borough because people simply cannot afford to pay high prices for little boxes made out of tricky tacky, on flood plains, with inadequate sewage treatment and infrastructure – then they will wake up – you watch!

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