Brenda from Bristol? No its Angry from Alfold!

You’re joking! Not another one? Oh, for God’s sake, I can’t, honestly, I can’t stand this!’

No, that’s not Brenda from Bristol, ambushed by a reporter seeking her reaction to the news that the Government has called another General Election on 8 June;

That was an Alfold villager who contacted us after hearing the Clerk to Alfold Parish Council – AKA – Crystal Tips, is chugging for funds on the council Website.

Yes, you read it here first!  – That is of course unless,  you’re signed up to the Alfold PC  website – because its Crystal Tips Clerk has issued a clarion call for FUNDS to enable PoW and the Parishes to take a Leading Role in the Public Inquiry into Dunsfold Park’s planning application for 1800 homes at the Aerodrome – described by CT as  Dunsfold New Town, !

PoW and the Parishes want to persuade the Inspector and the Secretary of State that the application is in the wrong place – one wonders where the right place is but, as far as PoW’s concerned, it’s anywhere as long at it’s not on their doorstep! Which would explain why Waverley Borough Council is now urging  landowners to come forward with more sites for housing in and around Cranleigh New Town, whose green fields  have been ear-marked to take the 1800 shortfall if Dunsfold is derailed!

 Crystal Tips Weddell claims PoW and the Parishes think they have a strong case and every chance of being successful – well they would say that wouldn’t they! They want your money over there in the East of the borough and no doubt villagers will  be less inclined to give it to them if they say  they have –  a weak case!

They say: 
We are  looking to appoint traffic and planning consultants and a QC, all of which don’t come cheap!


 Apparently, they’ll be running… ‘fund-raising events over the next few weeks and hope the villagers will support them ‘generously’!

No doubt Bob Lies (ooops! We meant Lees!) will be picking up the phone to the Dunsfold Developer and asking him to let PoW and the Parishes host a sponsored cycle ride around the Top Gear track, which Protect our Little Corner now has the bare-faced cheek to describe as…

‘the national treasure that is the Top Gear track at Dunsfold’! 

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 18.34.05

A lawnmower race down the runway and parachute jumps are but a few of the delights in store for local residents over the coming weeks, we understand, so watch this space …

News in brief:

There is an intellectual snobbery about Protect our Little Corner. We, at Waverley Web, can attest to it as we’ve been on the receiving end! According to one correspondent, we know nothing about Dunsfold Aerodrome, and need to do more research –  and, nobody reads anything we say anyway. Well, the peabrain who wrote in to tell us that obviously bothers to read us!

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