Will Cranleigh people stand together?

We here  at the Waverley Web can feel the anger of those poor souls over there in the East of ‘Your Waverley’ which should be re-named – “Their Waverley’ as it is completely out of touch with many of its own backbench councillors… and even more important – with its  residents!

This is the latest call to arms by the Cranleigh Civic Society … 

WW’s message – turn out in your droves if you want to endorse the village Slogan – ‘Cranleigh Cares.’

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The CCS continues: we have heard that people living in other parts of the borough are laughing at us. “Why is Cranleigh not up in arms?” they say, “why aren’t they shouting in the street?” and “why are they accepting this housing dump without any fuss?”. They think you don’t care, and basically, they think Waverley can, and will do, whatever it wants in Cranleigh with absolutely no backlash.

It is time to shake off any apathy and stand up to be counted.

Are you going to let them wreck Cranleigh completely?

This is the last opportunity to hold the Conservative Waverley leadership –“we can do whatever we like to Cranleigh” – to account and really show them what the people of Cranleigh think about their secret plans to expand Cranleigh into a major town in Waverley.

There is more to come…..
 Don’t believe you have seen the end of huge planning applications in Cranleigh, Waverley wants our Neighbourhood Plan Group, as you will see from Item 5 on the Parish Council Agenda for 20th April to find even more housing sites, employment sites, community sites and retail sites in and around the village. So, if you live near a green field and are breathing a sigh of relief because you think you’re safe, think again. You could soon have a huge housing estate, or industrial units next to you. If we do nothing, this will only be the beginning……………….

Join us in the Village Hall at 7pm on Thursday 25th May. Invite your family, neighbours and friends, because Cranleigh people are not going down without a fight!


The Waverley Webbsters say they will be astounded if Alfold’s Councillor Kevin De’Anus isn’t on the new Joint Planning Committee to be formed in May by the Council’s EXECUTIVE on which he also sits. It is this small group  which runs the council and decides  the membership of all  committees including planning.  Councillor De’Anus and Dunsfold Councillor John Gray are hell-bent on stopping development at Dunsfold airfield and have shown scant regard for neighbouring Cranleigh.

Watch this space!

The Executive  tail is wagging that Waverley  dog… again…


5 thoughts on “CRANLEIGH IN CRISIS!”

  1. Have my County Voting card – Will not be Voting for the Cons – Haven’t decided who to vote for yet..But doubt it will be Labour either – What a bunch of Twits – It makes my blood boil!

  2. One guess who will be picked to be on the JPC for Cranleigh and one for who won’t be and that will be the one who always stands in Cranleighs corner regarding building on our green fields. I would like to know who picks who should represent Cranleigh and is it an even number for each area or is it stacked with the ones who always without a doubt stick theirs hands up in favour of all building regardless which would without a doubt please the head of planning Liz, no more arguing for her, get her own way every time, which she does anyway thinking about it. Another point does Cranleigh Civic Society really expect all the Cranleigh councillor’s to take up their offer, I would seriously doubt two of them, definitely a no show.

  3. We will lay good odds that the Stennett duo will be nowhere to be seen at any Public Meeting held over there!
    We also doubt they will be missed from Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee. But it is a disgrace that they are not being replaced, by someone who will really stand up for Cranleigh, particularly now ‘Your Waverley’ is calling for even more sites in the East.

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