An Inspector Calls!

Denise Wordsworth one of our regular Webbers has turned the spotlight onto the latest Questions ‘Your Waverley’ has received from ~Inspector  Bore – who is never Bore-ing!

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Mrs Wordsworth comments: Latest update from the Inspector Re the Local Plan … I am biased – Obviously!!! But he raises Some issues that we need to think about – ALL OF US….

5. Spatial strategy
Note: this is a general section on the soundness of the spatial
strategy. The site allocations, and any Green Belt issues, that will be
dealt with separately.

5.1 Paragraph 3.2 of the Plan states that most of the new
development will be located in and around the main settlements of
Farnham, Godalming, Haslemere and Cranleigh which have the best
available access to jobs, services, housing, community facilities and
so on.

How can the Dunsfold Aerodrome allocation be justified
against this spatial strategy?

5.2 To what extent does the apportionment of housing in Policy
ALH1 reflect the needs of the settlements themselves?
5.3 Does the apportionment of development in the Plan have proper
regard to the quality and capacity of the road network, and the
quality and capacity of public transport? What are the principal
transport improvements and projects that are required for the
implementation of the Plan?
5.4 As Farnham is the largest town, with a good range of shops and
services, excellent access to the national road network and good rail
and other public transport links, why hasn’t more housing land been
allocated there in the interests of a sound sustainable development

5.5 Will the Plan provision for Farnham fall significantly short of
identified need, for both market housing and affordable housing?
5.6 Having regard to the spatial strategy, why hasn’t more housing
been allocated to Godalming and Haslemere?
5.7 Is Cranleigh, which is a considerably smaller town, a suitable
location for the volume of growth proposed?
5.8 Does the Plan strike the right balance in its apportionment of
development to the other settlements?
9. Dunsfold Aerodrome
9.1 What is the realistic volume of car trips that can be expected
from the site, given the probability of car-based movements for
commuting and shopping trips and the potential for car movements
for educational trips (there being no proposed secondary school)?
9.2 On which communities will the main environmental effects of
additional traffic movement from Dunsfold Aerodrome fall, having
regard to the above?
9.3 What are the implications for the road network, including:
– the A3
– the A281 and other routes into Guildford
– the character of roads in the countryside, AONB and AGLV
– roads in other districts?
9.4 In terms of transport, what is the timing of the “package of
measures” in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan” (including any
outside the Borough) and should this be in the Local Plan?
9.5 What degree of:
– environmental mitigation
– traffic mitigation
could realistically be expected from these measures?
9.6 What key non-highway infrastructure measures are required on
or outside the site, what are the risks to delivery and the
implications for the trajectory from the site? (see also question
9.7 What justification is there for regarding this site as mostly
“previously developed land” given that the majority of the site is
open and grassed?
9.8 What will be the effect on the setting of the AONB, particularly
important panoramas from viewpoints within the AONB?
9.9 Would the range of employment and retail and social facilities
proposed for the site allow for an adequate degree of selfsufficiency
or would the scale of development be inadequate to
support a critical mass of facilities?

Waverley Web:  This lot gives  everyone plenty of room for thought!

No date has yet been fixed for the Public Examination of the Local Plan – we can hardly wait!


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