Is Wildwood in the bunker?


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Here we were at the Waverley Web thinking that Alfold’s beleaguered Wildwood Golf club was teeing off again…

Because a message went out to members on Thursday inviting them around for a game of golf. The message said the bar was open and there was a limited food menu available. So we all polished the mud off our clubs loaded the bag in the back of the car and…    then.. we received other messages…
Word is now out that Wildwood will be attending a hearing in court at 10am tomorrow – Monday 10th – to go into administration; it has been called in by the company’s auditors. Here is the latest charge is on the Companies House Website. 

 The company it is named against is Midos GC Limited – yet another property company with directors names all appearing to be of the same “ilk” as Simcha Green.

Also, word is – and this is NOT confirmed – might be a bunch of hacked off old golfers gossiping – that once it is in administration it is quickly being scooped up and purchased by – you guessed it, Simcha Green but also with  others – ‘unknown.’

But we here at the Waverley Web do not want to be accused of handing out Fake News – because we pride ourselves on checking everything that appears on a Post.  If we get it wrong – and we admit we have once or twice we have, we apologise and we correct the information.

All we hope is that Alfold  gets its Wildwood – back!

Has Alfold’s Wildwood Golf Club gone into the rough?



2 thoughts on “Is Wildwood in the bunker?”

  1. WW – We have lost the will to care any more – We are Bombarded with applications
    I am fed up as are many locals

  2. When the going gets tough – the tough get going .. and you are tough Denise. Fight against the Springbok Application – anther green field site – with good productive agricultural land and, if allowed, would triple the size of your lovely village. And…when the application to build houses all over the Wildwood Golf Club is lodged, fight that too!

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