11 thoughts on “Election latest! Let Battle Begin.”

  1. What can I say? – Nothing to Vote for???? I think this time I will vote for the most Obscure – I need to make the Cons know how Bally angry I am – Wont make any odds – but worth it

  2. I thank you for consigning me to the bin of nothingness but I will not stop fighting this atrocious band of dissemblers. I am being careful with my choice of words the TT’s do not need much to make them take to the Courts

    1. You are absolutely right and now we are in an election period let us say it for you!
      Sadly, many people vote with a capital P others vote for an individual regardless of their National Politics. So get out there on the doorsteps because over here we believe the East needs honest transparent politicians like never before. And.. remember, Andrew Povey’s rotten reputation goes before him.

  3. Oh Rosaleen
    Didn’t mean to offend – And sorry if I did – I am just an old fashioned Conservative that is Hacked off! WBC are the most useless ineffectual-self-serving BC I have ever known so I am “open” I see genuine people like Mr Hyman being honest and regardless of the where he lives – He questions the Councillors and Officers without prejudice… I like him

    1. Yes, and they are slapping, figuratively speaking, Councillor Jerry Hyman about the head on a daily basis. Simply because he dares to question their actions and decisions. Just like Dianne James of UKIP, who suffered the exact same treatment.
      Combe back into local politics Dianne James?

  4. Appreciate the comment and I agree that Jerry is amazing but we need more people who do have “Conservative” after their name. They are not Conservatives, I know of at least 5 Councillors who stood as TT’s just for the kudos of being a Councillor and who just tow the party line. I have spent 8 years fighting WBC on many levels and while I know that I will not be elected I will continue to give them as hard a time as possible.

    1. Don’t give up – get out onto the doorsteps and tell the public in those Eastern villages what you are made of, because the tide is beginning to turn!

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