Could Cranleigh ‘New Town’ be in for a Manic Monday?

A shock decision to close the Snoxhall ‘car park’ could provide motorists over there in the East with a bit of a headache – starting tomorrow Monday. But the move by the parish council could be a welcome boost for ‘Your Waverley’s’ coffers.

Although the car park was designed to serve the pavilion, playing fields  and nearby children’s playgrounds – in recent yeas it has become a FREE public car park – where workers leave their cars all day.

It is not unusual for 70 cars to be parked along the Snoxhall car park and approach road. But all that  ends tomorrow when the road will be closed until  further notice for health and safety reasons. Filling in potholes, has failed to keep the road in good condition – so – it’s off to the Waverley owned public car parks!

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 10.04.39.png

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