It’s finally happened – She’s Gone to Potts!



What exactly is our  disingenuous  Leader of ‘Your Waverley’ on about? – She speaks triumphantly  of the recent High Court’s judgement on the Farnham Five’s Fight  as if it were  some sort of endorsement of ‘YW’s toxic partnership with Crest Nicholson and the merit of redeveloping Blightwells/ East Street Farnham.

We here at the Waverley Web thought we had gone – slightly mad when we heard her gloating about their success.  She actually had the bare faced cheek to speak  publicly of a judge who, she said, had made the ‘right decision for Farnham! For God’s sake woman, what does the judge know, or even want to know about redeveloping Farnham? His ruling was not about ” development in Farnham” it was about HIS, yes  HIS, interpretation of the law. And we don’t want to say too much about his interpretation  do we as he might stamp on us!!! UGH!!

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Your gloating just  continues to alienate, even those Farnham residents, who actually support the scheme, by your preposterous, and ever more cynical misrepresentation of the facts.

It is quite simple – the judge, accepted Waverley’s argument that the claimants had no standing in law to have their case heard. Got it! – he ruled out their request to HAVE THE CASE HEARD. Why? Because – “they had no direct commercial or financial interest in the matter.” That’s WHY! The fact that another judge had come to a different conclusion in a Wincheser issue  just goes to show-  different Judge – different decision – the Law is an Ass!

So let’s face it Councillor Potts all you and Your Council have achieved is to evade any possibility of your shenanigans (we will call them that rather any stronger accusations) being examined in the cold harsh light of day in public at a Judicial Review. So all your nasty little secrets remain just that… unless of course… the WW knows different!

  • To retain some credibility, honesty and transparency in the eyes of the public. Produce the letter that was handed over to the Inspector at the Compulsory purchase Inquiry on the Marlborough Head? You know the letter that you prevented your democratically elected councillors from seeing? The one that gave the name of the funder – that you didn’t have in place – did you?

But the facts remain – You have given away Farnham land that was assigned a minimum value for ‘Your Waverley’ of £8.76million in 2003 but which is worth only £3.19m now!

What a great shame for Farnham residents and the rest of the Waverley borough that you were not given an opportunity to explain Why? at a Judicial Review?

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  1. The crowing from YW is no surprise. They take a ruling that rules out an investigation as a victory for their whole stance all the time, ask anyone who has gone to the LGO and the Ombudsman refuses in investigate. That is always touted as “the LGO finding in their favour” as opposed to the matter is outside their remit. WBC has no morals, not from senior officers or senior Councillors, they are a tawdry bunch who should be charged with misconduct in public office!

  2. Well Said! ……..Shocking …. well not really I don’t know why I expected anything more from them – they never fail to amaze me with their decisions, their lack of gumption and general ineptitude.

    1. Any suggestions – the lot should be fired and fined for dereliction of duty to their residents, whose interests they are purported to represent. The same goes for the MP who is supposed to represent Cranleigh but who appears to have no interest in the matter except to allow the Council to meekly accept her government’s diktats. The protestations with regard to the ruination of Cranleigh are ignored at all levels above that of Parish Council. How many more green fields are to be concreted over before we get some representatives to support Councillor Foryszewski on the JPC. Cranleigh’s other councillors on that committee are worse than useless and WBC have left the late Brian Ellis’s seat vacant. All of which permitted the Knowle Park Initiative (265 more houses in a very shaky proposal) to go through on a Chairman’s casting vote. Shame on Waverley Borough Council – but how do we stop this rape of Cranleigh?

  3. How about calling a Public Meeting – and then calling for a vote of no confidence in, some, of your borough councillors over there in the East.
    You tell us what you intend to do – we will post on it! WW

  4. Cranleighman I will continue to try and get elected to represent Cranleigh, I would have preferred WBC but will settle for SCC in order to root out these disingenuous scum who seem to think they have a god given right to run Surrey into the ground.

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