Will Farnham’s Fearless, Famous Five get their days in Court?


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Of course if “Your Waverley” hadn’t challenged the people’s right to a Judicial Review it would have probably been well under way by now…

Instead the town is in a sort of limbo… as the clock ticks awaiting the Court’s decision on the preliminary hearing to prove the claimant’s legal status. So the question on everyone’s lips is – “will  Farnham’s Famous Fearless Five” fall at the first fence – or – will they take the massive leap that will see them over the fence to stand face to face with local authority and developer giants at a Judicial Review.

Of course it could be a waste of the council taxpayers money – but “Your Waverley” couldn’t give a damn about that – after all there’s plenty more dosh  where that came from … isn’t there?

But the delay is not all bad for the angry and frustrated people of Farnham is it? Because although the perpetrators of the fight reached their target for its funding in just two months – others elsewhere in the borough are watching Farnham’s Fight – ready to pitch in with more!


Because thanks to the Farnham Herald and the Waverley Web everyone in the borough can read all about it!


 Because this is not just Farnham’s fight – it is the people of Waverley’s fight too.






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Here are the men and women who have had the guts to stand up for Farnham against the might of “Your Waverley” and its New Best Friend – Crest Nicholson.

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