Going down Effluent Creek!


We received more than just a few comments following  our recent post entitled – Click here: Cranleigh’s very own Matron calls for an … Enema! 

In fact that particular post received almost 1,000 hits in just one day – from all over the world! So now The East’s Shitgate Scandal has gone viral!

A few of the same old, same old, comments from the  ‘Protect Our Waverley’ bunch who only want to protect a tiny bit of it to prevent the largest brown field site being developed in favour of the green green grass,  and the flood plains in the countryside!

Sadly some didn’t quite get our point about the urgent need to deal properly with the affluent’s effluent so perhaps they can take a few moments to  rev up their brain cells and read the post below.

Because – if something isn’t done soon – even their tiny bit of Waverley will be damaged beyond recognition.

Perhaps it would also be a wise move for Bramley’s By-Pass Byham  to take a closer look at  his patch – because… as he will read from the bottom of the Cranleigh Civic Society’s very thorough investigation in the post below that…“the only liquid flowing towards Bramley has been through Cranleigh’s toilets first.” Whoops! By-Pass Byham may need a different sort of By-Pass if he ignores this sad situation and persists in supporting and voting for planning applications in and around Cranleigh – because there are plenty more to come!

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 18.40.02.png

Read the full Cranleigh Civic Society post here:


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