Oh Carole – is it handbags at Bourne?

“Get back in my handbag where you belong new boy.”

 It was Handbags at Bourne when  Councillor Carole Cockburn,  so fearful of  Farnham’s Neighbourhood Plan being  thrown out, – that she  gave  the town’s “new boy” a good public handbagging for not giving the plan his backing.

We here at the Waverley Web wouldn’t consider becoming embroiled in a verbal punch-up between “friends.”  However  ignoring that great big elephant in the room isn’t  going to help Farnham’s case- is it?

A bit of a spat arose at “Your Waverley”s” Scrutiny Committee when Chairman Jerry Hyman dared to bring up the subject of the elephant in the room – the long awaited – never debated – subject of the SPA”s Farnham’s Special Protection Areas at Thames Basin Heaths.  He claims the subject “should have been” on the Agenda, but somehow it had been “overlooked, despite being agreed at the Chairman’s briefing!.” There followed a right rant by Farnham Bourne Councillor Carole Cockburn, who claimed the NP had been produced by Farnham residents and as a Farnham resident it should be supported by everyone, including him.

Through barred teeth she demanded he retract his comments and apologise for the letter below sent to the Farnham Herald, but Councillor Jerry Hyman refused, saying the Last Local Plan failed due to the issue being ignored, and he didn’t want to see it fail again! He said: “I’m here to throw stones at but I can justify my position.”

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  1. WBC tell so many lies in so many areas that it is a wonder that they do not tie themselves in knots trying to remember what they said to who and when they said it. As for the Nolan Principles I think you may find copies hanging in the smallest room in The Bury’s !

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