Shock horror – application to build… An Old Soaks Homes in “Your Waverley,”


Just a little Christmas Song to get you in the mood for a drink!

But, not too many mind because for hazardous drinking Waverley is up there with the big boys in Runnymede!

The Waverley Web is not entirely sure where in the borough developers intend to build The Old Soaks Home – but as Farnham and Cranleigh appear to be pretty popular with the hard hat brigade – it could very well be in one or other – maybe, even in both towns?


Although the planning application has not yet been registered, according to planning officer, John Collins – (because planning officers are far too busy weighing it  – along with all the others) he  believes, it could be considered “early in the New Year. Not sure which one.”  But after a Christmas break, when all the inebriates are in most need of a good home he said it could be …. A very Welcome Tonic?  

 Only outline  details are currently available but we have  heard from the applicant’s agent Calva  Dos  and Partners, on behalf of the Applicant Jim Sling   –  it will certainly be popular in  Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 13.56.59.pngthe Waverley borough which according to the rum bunch  at, boasts some of the hardest and hazardous drinkers in the country!

 Surrey County Council spokesman,  Ashley Spumente said

although our experts were concerned about the possibility of mobility scooters managed  by inebriates being driven along footways, in view of the fact that we have closed all the nursing homes  in Surrey we will would not be making a highway objection. He said:

“There are old soaks, and bold soaks, fortunately there are not too many old bold soaks.

So take it steady guys and gals – and that means all you lot at Waverley Towers – and whatever you do DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! 

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