Another green field adjacent to a brownfield site about to bite the dust?

Get your hankies out – because this may make you cry!

Click on the video  which reveals the green green grass close to home and now under threat for  the people of Alfold. 

But… don’t wait too long because before you can say “GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR” it could be covered in concrete!

Nearly 500 homes could soon cover this vast area of countryside which has been farmed for many hundreds of years as part of the Sachel Court Estate on the Surrey/Sussex border. This proposed development by the Thakeham Home Thugs – has been refused by “Your Waverley” but Thakeham is “confident” that the site will become Alfold New Town adjacent to the proposed Dunsfold Park new settlement on an adjoining  Brownfield site.

Where does it intend to dispose of its poo – at the proposed New Dunsfold Poo Factory?

NO…  into  the Cranleigh Sewage Treatment Works –  presently overflowing with the stuff of other people’s lives- and stinking out the pour souls of Elmbridge in the West of Cranleigh.

Could Alfold get the worst of both worlds? Very likely. Why? Because “Your Waverley” still has no adopted Local Plan! And…because Care Ashore the local Seaman’s Charity is determined to persuade  a Government Inspector that the viability of its “charitable” operation is in jeopardy if development is not given the go ahead.

So doubling the small Surrey village is a small price to pay – isn’t it?

If you want to oppose the development – better do it now – or forever hold you peace. The original application generated 237 letters of objection and a public meeting where the scheme  was opposed by villagers but supported by Care Ashore’s Residents.

Just as a matter of interest: 

Thakeham Homes’ latest publicly available accounts show that their net assets are still nearly minus £3million. The company is still bankrolled by Isla Morada Finance to the tune of £31m, only slightly down from last year’s debt. This is clearly an unreliable partner for a responsible charity to be aligned with. However, there have been at least two alternative financial plans put to Care Ashore which have been rejected. Go to this link to object before November 8th. Click on “make representation.”

4 thoughts on “Another green field adjacent to a brownfield site about to bite the dust?”

  1. The alternative proposals did not satisfy the greedy desires and avarice of the developer and partner.

  2. Let’s hope Waverley Planners put up a strong case for retaining Alfold’s green fields and the character of a small village with very few amenities. Which is more than they have achieved at a number of Planning Appeals in recent years, most of which have been overturned by the Inspectorate.. Could it be that there is a hidden agenda here – don’t put up too much of a fight and then … blame the Government?

  3. Interesting how much care and attention Thakeham show on their own web site for the development…

    The final three paragraphs are….

    “Robert Boughton, Group Managing Director of Thakeham Homes, said “This is a hugely surprising and disappointing decision. Our application has received support from over 150 people, and we feel that the plans should have been considered by the council’s democratically elected Joint Planning Committee. This is a bad decision for Care Ashore, and a bad decision for the future of Alfold, which we intend to appeal.”

    At each meeting, the Council considers planning applications it has received notice of from the planning authority. The Council usually opts to support applications, and rarely does it outright object. However, applications are typically small-scale in nature, such as minor domestic works and extensions, and Parish councillors are rarely called upon to consider applications for new homes.

    The Parish Council has shown some willingness to engage with developers in the past. In April 2014 the Parish Council heard a presentation from the Accent Group, a social housing provider, who outlined their plans to build 12 affordable homes on land adjacent to Maarnford Close. It was advised that first priority would be given to those with Duxford connections, which was welcomed by the Council, but they indicated that more detailed discussions would take place if a formal application was submitted.”

    What is the relevance of Maarnford Close in Duxford???? Cambridge?

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