Covering Cranleigh’s “beautiful countryside” in concrete – Crest style!

It would appear that even the records are  incorrect?

No wonder “Your Waverley Planners'” can’t  make a decent decision.  They don’t even know which Councillors  attended  their Joint Planning Committee on 3rd October.

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A Cranleigh follower – by golly  they are wide awake over there in the Eastern boondocks –  contacted Gone to Potts (aka Julia) “Your Waverley’s “Leader  to  explain  why two Cranleigh Councillors, lounging on their Australian sun beds,  – were allowed to support a highly controversial development – by letter?

A narrow decision  in favour of Crest Nicholson’s detailed scheme to build 149 houses  in Horsham Road – some three storey, on a “beautiful field” where homes will be accompanied by sewage holding tanks and a pumping station – will  surely have been influenced by “the dastardly duo” known  as       “Your Waverley’s” absent “Cranleigh friends?”

Said our Cranleigh correspondent, whose name is known but withheld, in her  letter to, “Your Waverley”…

“I was interested as I note that two councillors sent in a message which was read out by the chairman of the planning meeting, which I thought was bizarre behaviour and very unprofessional. If councillors do not attend but send in messages we might as well have an answer on a postcard system.”

The Council obviously didn’t know who was actually there. Another  response from an officer, not the Potty one – far too busy, to the Cranleigh resident…

” I can confirm though that there were 15 in attendance as follows Cllrs: Williams, Williamson, Foryszewski, Adams, Hills, Ellis, Else, Hesse, Cockburn, Hunter, Deanus, Gray, Piper, Seabourne and Byham.

 View the video yourself and see how Farnham’s Councillor Carole Cockburn described Crest’s development.  She described it as “large hardstanding and mass of concrete being  imposed  in the countryside” And hear.. what the seemingly ABSENT Councillor James had to say about building three storey houses?

However:  Despite a mass of opposition,  which we will post on separately – the committee heard that `Jeannette and Stewart Stennett – are “quite happy” with the detailed design.” Well I suppose a green field is preferable to the Green Belt site on which this duo have just been granted a personal planning permission!   So were they, in absentia, instrumental in swinging the vote? 

Our correspondent’s  response to Waverley Council Officer: 

“Thank you for your reply but looking at the records I find it incorrect.  On your list you have not included Councillor James ,who according to the minutes was present, also you have Councillors Piper and Seabourne, both these councillors are not on the Joint Planning Committee so who were they representing? Which is right you, or are the minutes recorded wrong? It would be helpful to have the correct information especially on a planning application which affects the village of Cranleigh. I look forward to the right information!


2 thoughts on “Covering Cranleigh’s “beautiful countryside” in concrete – Crest style!”

  1. It beggars belief that these Elected People that we thought we could trust do this – Shocked and Angry as Ever

  2. Yes, and every day that goes by, and protestors continue to oppose development on brown field sites in the borough, another treasured piece of – just like this one will go under concrete – how very sad!

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