A Frosty rebuke for the Farnham Five -“you should be ashamed of yourselves!

If you are avid readers of the Waverley Web you won’t need reminding that a group of Farnham people dubbed by us – the FFFFFFF – The Fearless Five Fighting Furiously for Farnham’s Future – have dared to challenge “Your Waverley’s.”

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Unused to being Challenged – either inside or outside Waverley Towers – a proposal  from Farnham’s new boy Councillor Jerry Hyman, suggesting  it should “reconsider” spending  £250,000 of the ratepayers money to defend a Judicial Review of the Brightwell /East St regeneration project provoked some very strong reaction.

Waverley’s very own Marmite (who  even the Mayor could not quite bring himself to refer to as, “Councillor Hyman) although isolated and alone was nontheless fearless in his pursuit of the truth behind this toxic development that Wonersh Councillor Sleepy Goodridge  claims the majority of “Farnham people want.

Councillor Hyman  argued  council paperwork “incorrectly states the JR appellants  as “The FIG “- The Farnham Interest Group,  and it was not!” His colleagues were forced to agree they had got it wrong – and that there were five named appellants – including two Farnham councillors who had previously left the chamber.

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 10.05.35.pngCouncillor Martin Lear  said he was baffled why “this group” want to address this scheme as some sort of armageddon. Saying “I am happy to spend whatever it takes to win the argument” For which he received a round of applause.

Although Councillor Hyman had explained earlier that he was speaking up for Waverley’s concerned residents and was not involved in, or part of the Judicial Review, Councillor Pat (true to her name Frost)  advised him to speak to his “friends” and tell them the council should not  have forced into a position  of having to defend itself saying:

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She then turned her venom onto The Farnham Society,  claiming it too  was “Investing” in  the legal challenge.  “I don’t know how many of you here are members, were you consulted?” 

Recognising he had no support – Councillor Hyman withdrew his amendment calling for only £30,000 to be earmarked, but there was no doubt that his efforts to even debate the issue – in public – was a real coup. He even managed to draw out a timescale for the JR – could delay the project for a couple of years!

“Your Waverley is not used to being forced to debate controversial  issues in public, let alone being challenged on them.” Silence was golden from most councillors – who mainly put up and shut up. The gags across their mouths were plain for all to see.

Umming and Ahhing in her usual unimpressive fashion Gone to… Potts agreed to an  amendment to  removing the name of the Appellant – particularly after the SCCouncil Guru – The Farnham Gal behind the £30m being contributed from  its Pension Fund towards the  scheme reminded her that it was, probably unwise to mention any names! “After all we don’t want to fall into a trap?”

 Farnham’s Gal was right!  Wouldn’t look good robustly defending the wrong people – would it?

Gone To… said  the council was confident that together with Crest Nicholson/Sainsburys “Your Waverley’ could mount a “robust`” defence….


FIVE FARNHAM OAP’S!  Who are probably risking their homes? 



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