It cannot be true – can it?


It really is quite extraordinary that with a population of over 300 hundred million people the USA can only  dredge up two totally unsuitable people to compete for the Presidency?

Similarly, strange  that with a population of 12/13,000 in the East of “Your Waverley” the local Conservative Group is seriously considering co-opting a former Parish and county councillor to fill a  vacancy within its ranks at Cranleigh Parish Council, perhaps even to “Your Waverley.”






Want to read more about Dr Andrew Povey – former Leader of Surrey County Council whose colleagues ganged up on, took a vote  of no confidence in, and  now predicted to be Cranleigh’s Parish Council’s comeback kid?

Really makes you wonder doesn’t it?  This is the man who introduced  Politics with a great big capital P into the village council  chamber  over 20 years ago, abandoned it for his race up Surrey County Council’s greasy pole, reaching the top only to  slide down it faster than Usain Bolt!  Now he wants take over the reins of the late Brian Ellis.

Councillor Ellis  who resigned earlier this year, was described   as a “local legend” when he died recently. Great to see yet another local legend tipped  to take his place? 

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 19.43.52.png
And… hope the Waverley Web has got it horribly wrong!


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