Dunsfold’s Poo stays close to home!

Here at the Waverley Web when one of our many followers poses a question – we do our utmost  to answer it … honestly!

Here’s your  message Mr Bryant:

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As if Cranleigh residents don’t have enough to worry about with their own little effluent problems they are now turning their sights on nearby Dunsfold Park. Not that we blame them, given the problems they are having over there in the village dubbed by “Your Waverley” as “poor old Cranleigh.”

Folk   say they don’t want any more effluent  heaped on them. They claim, they have enough of their own to deal with. .. and have   more than enough Thames Water/Surrey County Council and every other statutory authority’s tankers and lorries parked on their lawns !

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“Daddy, is this the same Dunsfold Park that has its own sewage treatment works,  permission for a Bio Digester and has its own working Solar Farm?

So we made some discreet enquiries, Mr Bryant and we are sure you will agree, there isn’t a more discreet bunch than  “Your  Waverley Web!

The Answer?”   Quite simply: Dunsfold’s poo is staying close to home, in fact, so close to home that both sewage and waste water are  remaining on Dunsfold Park within its 600 acre brown field site.  Never was there a better place to deal with the mucky brown stuff than a Brown Field site that proposes a state of the art poo factory. 

Dunsfold Park Ltd is unique among all the Waverley borough’s developers in as much as it not only intends to mitigate the area’s sewage problems, but mitigate the transport issues affecting the A281.  No doubt  it will probably end up  solving all those  other greedy developers’ problems for them too? Some of whom are flogging off their sites?

So rest easy in your beds, Cranleigh folk. Dunsfold’s poo will not touch Cranleigh or the Cranleigh Waters – and you heard it here first!  Remember that and keep – logging on? Because our popularity is increasing – and forgive the pun – we are becoming quite flushed with our own success!

P.S. You can believe it or not: The Waverley Web is not on Dunsfold’s payroll, or “Your Waverley’s” payroll – we only wish we were! Then we could afford to publicise this site to reach even more people other than just by word of mouth!

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