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We barely know how to break it to you – indeed, even we, at Waverley Web, are shocked by the audacity of it – but at a recent meeting Godalming Town Council voted – yes, you read it here first – they actually voted for a development of 7,000 – 8,000 – yep that’s a 7 and an 8 with three 000s after them! – houses at Dunsfold Park!!!!

You can read it here first in this extract from Godalming Town Council’s Local Plan Response:

‘Godalming Town Council believes that at 2,600 homes the proposal in the DPL [Draft Local Plan] is the worst possible scenario. A strategic housing target of 7,000 to 8,000 homes in Dunsfold should be adopted, this settlement size is large enough to support a secondary school and would also attract the other major services that residents require, thereby drastically reducing the need for its residents to have to travel around Waverley. Indeed the prospective gain is in fact much greater than this, because the existing residents of Dunsfold, Alfold and Chiddingfold and intervening parishes such as Hambledon and Hascombe would then have an alternative main settlement focus with shorter journeys than at present, when currently a trip into Godalming or Cranleigh is necessary. This would offer the prospect of actually reducing journeys on key roads such as the B2130, as well as alleviating some of the town centre congestion in Godalming and Cranleigh.’

Wow! From 1,800 to 8,000 and they didn’t even blink! Never mind playing with the traffic, the Bramley Babes will be laying down in the road, like their Sisters at Greenham Common all those years ago.  A word to the wise for the Wandsworth and Wimbledon Wanderers, don’t try it on Tuesday mornings as the Bramley Bin Men really don’t give a damn and they’ll run you over as soon as look at you!

So there you have it, folks, if Godalming has its way it won’t be 1,800, it won’t be 2,600, it won’t even be 3,400, it’ll be 7,000 – 8,000!

Now y’all have a nice day! WW

4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS!”

  1. Why don’t they just allocate the whole 9861 homes at Dunsfold Park – then none of the towns in the South West of the county will need to worry anymore. Then obviously they can build a fly-over across the county (avoiding the South West) to the A3 at Guildford – Oh Happy days!!!

  2. Ah but – Cranleigh councillors have been calling for more development because all the shopkeepers need “more footfall and that probably goes for Godalming too.” WW

  3. It’s all very well wanting the footfall, but there are approx 700 parking spaces in Cranleigh (in car parks and on the main roadside)…nowhere near enough for the footfall the shops are wanting…..thousands into 700 don’t go. The shopkeepers should keep in mind that if the shoppers can’t get to their shops because of the horrendous traffic, and if when they do eventually manage to battle through to get there, they then can’t park there, they won’t get the business anyway. In fact they’ll lose business because Cranleigh and Godalming will be such a nightmare to get to that shoppers won’t bother and will go elsewhere instead. I don’t believe that DP New Town will ever have the kind of shopping facilities that they’re promising.

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