Jeremy comes out!

Has Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt joined the POW (Protect Our Waverley) now to be re-named – (POW’d) “P*ssed Off Waverley” because the  brave politician – takes on the Junior Doctors – and now he takes on the great and good of “Your Waverley?” Go on Sock it to em Jeremy! No wonder his favourite blog is Hunt Balls – cos he certainly has em.

The mutter in the local village gutters is that there are some fuming   Tories who refuse to accept that repeated  lobbing of the MP has  fallen on some very stoney ground. In fact he appeared to be sending out a strong message that he wouldn’t be objecting to the creation of a new settlement. Telling everyone he had “a conflict of interest.”Now he  appears to be making  it clear that homes are needed   despite  being  personally materially affected as he lives  in Markwick Lane,  Hascombe. `He has also set up meetings with Transport Minister Chris Grayling in a bid to sort out transport measures in Waverley – can we see a railway line coming on? O.M.G. wait until the Bramley Babes hear about that!

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Sorry it’s steam but we were feeling nostalgic here at the Waverley Web.

Now of course the good old Surrey Ad reporter Candice Ritchie – bless her, has persuaded the big man to stand up for the thousands of young people who will benefit from the homes built in a new village.  And forget it you moaners – if Cranleigh is a village with 15,000 inhabitants,  how can 6,000 at Dunsfold make it a  town?

Oh! but if you think that is a bit of a blow to the anti’s hopes of ploughing up Dunsfold Park and growing next year’s spuds on the former runway – you’ve got another think coming!  Because we have just heard that there’s  about to be another little bombshell being lobbed at the East  of the borough, and not by Farnham!

Watch this space! 

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