Could Dunsfold Park get Government backing for a new Garden Village?

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Dunsfold Airport Ltd and Rutland Ltd have submitted, to the council, new information as part of their planning application WA/2015/2395. This additional / amended information is subject to consultation to allow all interested parties and statutory consultees the opportunity to comment further on the planning application.


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As the Daft Local Plan supports a new settlement at Dunsfold Park, the developers have up-dated the planning application. So…

Could the site now get Government backing in a  new wave of garden villages?

This is what the developer’s agents have told “Your Waverley.”

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The council’s website has been updated listing the new information provided and the consultation timescales:

In conclusion, the addendum submission seeks to address all substantive comments made to the planning application and as a package of information, along with the original submission documentation, explain why the proposal is acceptable in the context of local and national planning policy. It is hoped that the planning application can now progress to the Planning Committee with a recommendation of permission so the planning application can support the emerging Waverley Local Plan.


From a webber:” I notice that you have this rather uninteresting post above on your WW Home page but have removed from this featured page your post of only a day or two ago and of much more importance and local interest:
Was it that one of your contributors’ found it too revealing in the depth of local objection against development at Dunsfold Park? Did it hint of a favouring by WBC towards DP?
Anyone smell fish?

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Copies of the document can be accessed from the portal:

5 thoughts on “Could Dunsfold Park get Government backing for a new Garden Village?”

  1. Have you read the banal pages from Vectos ? that bascially provide new traffic signals at Shalford and Bramley, Cranleigh – But it it is the same Old same old… I am so fed up of this having spent HOURS reading the hundreds of pages of DIRGE that theyhave provided knowing we dont have the time or funds to contest it SHOCKING

  2. Clearly desperate measures from the despots… and now Waverley BC have joined them by issuing a take down notice to POW & Hascombe. DP/developers have told on Hascombe saying, “look what they have done to the beautiful area with their horrid “advertisements, make them take them down”.

    How un-democratic to not allow their rate payers a voice. Woking do nothing of the sort and Mayford and Send keep their boards up without problems. So what do we all think is going on in the pockets of WBC? Something ain’t right.

  3. Just to repeat…
    Perhaps Waverley Web should change name to POF?
    Of course the few thousand that responded to the biased Waverley consultation would back the Dunsfold plan. (One dumps all the housing at Dunsfold, the others affect all the major villages and towsnns, not rocket science to see which way they would favour). None of them live anywhere near Dunsfold. If you live in Farnham it is the answer to all your prayers and why would you care about Alfold, Cranleigh, Dunsfold or traffic on the A281!

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