Litter louts and village vandals.

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Waverley Web is taking bets that the Chairman of PoW (Protect our little corner of Waverley) is going to be choking on his cornflakes any morning now as a mega-fine is about to land in his in-box if he doesn’t initiate a major clean up of the local countryside in very short order!

That’s right, you heard it here first! Our mole at Waverley Borough Council tells us the Council has been inundated with complaints from local residents who are appalled at the ugly posters that have sprung up in the villages of Alfold, Dunsfold and Hascombe (the little corner of Waverley that PoW and its supporters are so keen to protect).

Village Vandals and Litter Louts are but two of the complaints that have been levelled at PoW who are responsible for disseminating and encouraging their supporters to litter the countryside with their ugly propaganda.

“I’m not a supporter of Dunsfold Park,” spluttered one irate resident who has been in touch with Waverley Web, “but neither do I condone what PoW are doing. It’s nothing short of vandalism to be littering our beautiful lanes with their ghastly posters. It wouldn’t be quite so bad if they cleared up after themselves but they don’t; they leave it to the Local Authority or people like me to clear up their mess. It’s time Waverley Borough Council got tough with these people and did something to stop the litter louts amongst them!”

“Don’t these people realise it’s an offence to Fly-Post?” raged another correspondent. “I would encourage you to encourage all readers of the Waverley Web to lobby Waverley Borough Council to levy a fixed penalty of £75 per poster on Protect our Waverley for every fly poster that they have illegally posted. It’s a blot on the landscape and Waverley Council should not hesitate to insist that PoW removes every placard and banner or face the financial consequences. These people have the nerve to whine on about the desecration of the countryside and yet they don’t see the irony in what they themselves are doing to it!”

“… nearly crashed my car on the bend by The White Horse in Hascombe as I turned the corner and came face to face with a bloody great poster urging me to support PoW! Do the idiots who are sticking up these monstrosities all over one of the most picturesque corner of the borough not realise that they are indulging in Anti-Social Behaviour as defined under the ASBO Act (2003)?”

“We had guests staying for the week-end and having raved about what a lovely rural idyl we’d moved to, our guests had the last laugh when they saw the God-Awful posters littering the B2130. ‘Looks like you’ve got your very own Graffiti Artists in residence,’ they sniggered from the backseat as we drove them to The White Horse for supper. Who the hell do these PoW people think they are ruining the countryside. This is supposed to be GU8 not SW2!”

Strong words! We at Waverley Web never thought we’d see the day when Alfold, Dunsfold and Hascombe were compared unfavourably to Brixton, south-east London!!!

Feelings are certainly running high and PoW are, without doubt, trying the patience of even those who might be their natural supporters. At £75 a poster the fine winging its way to PoW could run into thousands. Thank goodness they and their supporters have deep pockets … because it sounds as if they’re going to have to dig deep, very, very deep in order to avoid prosecution … either that or get out there dismantling the pesky things!

2 thoughts on “Litter louts and village vandals.”

  1. The way you have reported this is amusing but your “propaganda” accusation and stories should really be directed towards McAllister and his henchmen. Banners in Hascombe and Bramley have been going missing and they have been on private property so this is theft… which is a crime.

    Perhaps the many posters around Dunsfold do look messy and I am sure they will go soon but they are up for a good purpose and hardly propaganda when they simply state the truth. Unlike the false and misleading figures from the cosy little survey Dunsfold Park developers made last July. The figures from that stated that nearly every local person (85%) agrees with dropping a huge development in the countryside at Dunsfold Park, when in truth the results were produced from less than 3% of the local population, hardly democratic is it? – Then Waverley Borough Council in all their wisdom plonk these figures in their flawed local plan. Who are they kidding or perhaps they are just appeasing the developers, nodding along with what they put out.

    It is becoming clearer now with the appearance of evermore posters and banners, meetings, facebook pages etc. that local support against this unsustainable and monstrous development of Dunsfold Airfield is simply not wanted or required.

    “Protect our Bramley” have started up and have a Facebook presence. Perhaps the penny will drop soon at WBC and they will realise that almost no one wants Dunsfold Airfield developed after all.

  2. My nut in a point shell. We said that person. I hear that the other villages are starting up their poster campaigns now. Better late than never though. Tally Ho.

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