It’s make your mind up time Farnham voters?

And on our heads be it!

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 06.58.58.pngMore of the same? Or perhaps a New Dawn for political representation in Farnham?

Tomorrow Thursday Farnham people will have the opportunity to put some opposition back into the Surrey/Farnham political scene. The elections for four council wards across the town has brought some frenetic activity summed up above  in the Farnham Herald.

Voters have no excuse for not turning out if they actually want to make a difference to the overwhelming stronghold the Tories now have over both Surrey County  and Waverley borough Councils. If they don’t turn out in their droves then on our heads be it!

The Waverley Web has no particular political axe to grind but believes more checks and balances are urgently needed  if we are to have the type of local government of which we can all be proud.

Recently the deputy chairman of the South West Surrey Conservative Association stated that planning was not a matter for his association and that councillors were not whipped on planning matters…

We all know that is absolute rubbish, and that letters have been sent and influence exerted on councillors on a whole variety of planning applications affecting the borough of Waverley by both the SWSCA and the Guildford Conservative Association. Who is this man trying to kid?  Does Uncle Tom think all us voting fodder fell off the last banana boat? At one planning meeting councillors miffed at  not receiving  their letter from an MP asked for it to be read out in public, but the request was refused. WW wonders why?

As we predicted  here last week about monkeys and blue rosettes! read: Farnham election – latest?

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 07.30.18.png
A bit of extra rubbish for the Surrey County Council tip?

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