Riding roughshod – “Your Waverley” – does it all the time!

Ah! but Farnham’s  Memorial Hall fits in with “Your Waverley’s” cunning plans.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 19.37.05.png

Isn’t that exactly what the people of Farnham have been saying for years Mrs Margaret Potter?

Regardless of what anyone says or does to prevent the Memorial Hall fulfilling whatever uses “Your Waverley” has planned for it – it takes not a blind bit of notice,

It would appear that Covenants, like pie crusts, are there to be broken and regardless of what the original intentions were for the building, “Your Omnipotent Waverley” will do with it whatever it likes.

It fooled the Trustees of the Gostrey Centre into believing that it would be the main user, but then the Trustees should be well used by now to hearing that white man speaks with forked tongue. After all the council promised to keep the Gostrey Centre in good nick, but let it fall into disrepair giving the Trustees no option but to go along with “Your Waverley’s” cunning plans.

It may be the Council training centre this week, maybe the council offices, next, one thing you can be sure of the people of Farnham will not get a say because that would smack of local democracy and that will never do – because the rest of the borough might expect the same treatment.

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