Here we go again… in “poor old Cranleigh.”

Here we go again…the village in the east of the borough that Waverley Councillors have dubbed –  “Poor old Cranleigh.” But, still keep dumping houses there!

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But with the Cranleigh Society on the ball and monitoring every application that goes before “Your Waverley,” developers – even Crest Nicholson – might find that it is not necessarily a pushover gaining  detailed planning permission? 

The Full Planning Application (Detailed Planning Permission) by Crest Nicholson for 149 dwellings off Horsham Road, Cranleigh  will be heard by Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee on 24 August  at the Council Offices in Godalming.

However, there probably won’t be too much opposition from Cranleigh Councillor Jeannette Stennett who recently gained planning permission for her own development in the Green Belt and voted for the CNS outline application.   No doubt she will also be voting for another hundred or so in the same area  in the Daft Local Plan that goes out for consultation. Despite the fact that the company has to build its own poo pits!

Perhaps “poor old Cranleigh” residents should write to her personally, because we doubt her inbox is that full?  You can contact her here:http://modgov/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=272Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 18.13.56.png

Ah! Sorry you probably can’t because this e-mail does  not appear to work, so use the following because she wants to be contacted – doesn’t she? If this doesn’t work either she obviously doesn’t want to hear from her constituents? But don’t worry, according to one local  man she is very supportive of … ‘Cranleigh in Bloom” – so that’s alright then?

By the way you can contact us here at WW any time on. because we aren’t shy. Or, comment on the little comment blob at the top of the page.

WW   will post more  when  the agenda is  published on Waverley’s website and you might even be able to watch it if the webcast is working. But don’t hold your breath! And by the way don’t turn up to ask an informal question – they don’t want to hear those only questions of which they have been warned. No surprise there then!

At present there remain outstanding details regarding the drainage system which need to be addressed on this scheme. There are also major concerns about the developer’s  intention to raise  the land  on the northern edge of the site by one metre and the added risk of flooding for  residents of nearby Nightingales, as well as a lack of sewerage infrastructure. 

But don’t worry – The Cranleigh Society is on the case. If you with to comment  on this application you can do so via Waverley’s Planning Portal WA/2016/0417 – full instructions on how to comment are here. on the Cranleigh Society website

Or by emailing the Planning Officer Mrs Jo Dawes on  you must include your name and address and quote reference WA/2016/0417


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