Why won’t anyone listen to this brilliant man?

Whilst controversy rages in our  historic town of Farnham one man’s words ring out above  the cacophony of views of how Farnham’s Brightwells/East Street redevelopment should be conducted. That of the world renowned architect and Farnham resident Michael Blower.

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Recently former Waverley Chief Planning Officer Matthew Evans threw in his two pennyworth of advice, well he would wouldn’t he. Before clearing off over the border into Hampshire, he presided over much of the mess “Your Waverley” is now in.

With the prospect of a Judicial Review hanging over the heads of those arrogant Waverley councillors who have even ignored the views of their legal experts as to how risky this venture actually is,  with clashes between the borough and town council,   residents’ shouting at each other every week in the letters pages of the Farnham Herald?  Perhaps now it is time to sit back, make a cup of tea and listen to a man who has the expertise and the very real interests of Farnham and its character buried deep in his very soul.

Michael Blower the famous architect, former Waverley borough councillor and former Waverley Mayor, and an architect and public servant who is one of the most respected citizens Farnham  has ever had, has said the following:

 There is a Plan B – and its not too late to listen to his message Waverley Borough Council before it is too damned late and you wreck the historic character of Farnham and make it look like every other town in the country – forever.

Read Michael Blower’s complete letter from the Farnham Herald here: At least the Farnham Herald is listening to the man – and devoting the whole of this week’s front page. 

16.07.28 – There was an alternative plan copy

This is just a few paragraphs at the bottom of his letterScreen Shot 2016-07-29 at 21.56.08

 13668684_10154373850176613_854806818021085800_oRead tis article from the good old Farnham Herald which stands by what is right for the town of Farnham by clicking here:  13668684_10154373850176613_854806818021085800_o.jpeg

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