Jumping on the developers’ digger…again?

A  councillors life is such a busy one when you mix business with pleasure – isn’t it?

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Cranleigh’s digger driver rides again… and again…


Since becoming  parish and borough councillors Stewart and Jeannette Stennett have been so busy getting their own house/s, lorry park, development land and for that matter every other developer’s land… in order … WW wonders how they find the time to do the job they were elected for?

But of course, silly old us, we forgot – they both resigned from the parish council two months ago because possibly, the new broom that has swept Cranleigh Parish Council clean, was too much for them! They both resigned, just a year after being elected,  and within a week Councillor Brian Ellis threw in the sponge too.

Councillor Stewart has been moaning around Cranleigh for months, according to our Cranleigh followers,  complaining that “those stupid planning officers” wouldn’t allow him to build a load of affordable homes on a site he owns  adjacent to his – lorry park – the one he moves around on his land with monotonous regularity and then builds on it!

He has been heard in the local coffee shops – of which there are many – claiming that Waverley officers were  too stupid to accept his original offer to build homes for village people. After all, I am offering them loads of homes for 40 years, and then they can be returned to my grandchildren. 

Oh! those dumb old planning officers – just don’t know a good thing  when they can see one – do they?

Well there you are  then – perhaps those dumb old planning officers are not so stupid as he thought, because they are now  recommending that an exception is being made to Green Belt policy. Tomorrow evening there is a recommendation to approve  the Councillors’ Stennett  application for offices and two flats on a site in the Green Belt at Gaston House, Gaston Gate, Cranleigh?

 Just down the road from another Green Belt site he wants to develop at Manfield Park, on Waverley and another developer’s  behalf. After all what is a bit of Green Belt between friends!

Not that Cranleigh Parish Council know anything about his latest ruse, – surprise! surprise! only Wonersh Parish Council was informed!  Bet they will when they read this!

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The full details of the planning application can be read here:

Item B3 WA20160846 – Gaston House Guildford Road Cranleigh GU6 8QZ

Watch this space and you can read that permission was GRANTED.

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