Cuts have consequences!

And… you know what…people die!


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There is absolutely no doubt about it – our emergency services are doing an amazing job against all the odds.

However here at the Waverley Web we are hearing of some strange tales  and  even stranger consequences of  the cuts and savings being made within our emergency services  and are we alone in wondering  if these  cuts  actually  result in savings?

Is it really sensible for firemen and engines to be called out as first response to calls that should be handled by ambulance crews?

Although firemen are highly trained, it is mainly for fighting fires isn’t it?  Or did they train to be paramedics,  like the highly trained men and women who man our ambulances?

We heard  of one  Waverley couple who almost had a heart attack, when a 999 call made for for a suspected heart attack patient brought out the fire brigade.  Then later an ambulance complete with paramedics. Strange or what?


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