A puddle in Knowle Lane, Cranleigh?

A Cranleigh resident who normally  describes Cranleigh floods as “puddles” might be interested in this latest “puddle” after a heavy shower last Saturday!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 16.36.49.png

BB – as he is known locally, should also watch the Cranleigh Society Website for other “puddles” that appeared. 

The Knowle Lane flooding erupted in minutes according to the follower who posted this video. Deep floodwater  stretched right through the back of the car park and  delivery roads behind Stockland Square into Knowle Lane.

Interesting to note that the new proposed entrance to The Berkeley Homes estate  to be called The Maples is just one hundred yards further down the road. For a while according to our Cranleigh informants the road was inaccessible and for a time traffic was forced to use a private road through Wiskar Drive to access Cranleigh High Street.

WW says – roll on the proposed Berkley Homes 425 houses – because the drains outside a Cranleigh restaurant were being baled out by the owner to stop the egress of floodwater into his premises. Customers joked they cannot wait until all the homes are built, so they can take along their flippers and can paddle in the puddles on their way home! 


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