On your marks, get set, to congratulate “Your Waverley”

Oh! Sorry WW got it wrong…

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Meet the Surrey County Council/Waverley Grinch 

There we all were here at the Waverley Web getting geared up to Congratulate ‘Your Waverley” on its decision to review the borough’s Meals On Wheels service, as  it claimed in April the service was not as popular as it once was and it wanted to make “improvements.”

Well we now know the real reason why   “Your Waverley” wanted such a thorough review. Because ‘Your Surrey County Council” is withdrawing the £30,000 it pays towards keeping the borough’s elderly independent in their own homes, and “Your Waverley” doesn’t intend  picking up its  mean spirited county colleagues’ share of the bill!

Councillors heard the county council needs to save money. After all, it has much more important uses for “our money,” funding the 100m development at East Street, Farnham?

The review revealed that the service provided by the WRVS – The Womens’ Royal Volutary Service, for many years is not quite so popular as it once was and the food is not quite so good. No damned  wonder, the annual grant has not been increased since 2007!

They also claim fewer people are judged to  “need” the service, though officers’ recognise that for many of the borough’s old people it is their only link with the outside world, other than the  postman!

Now the Waverley Grinch, – for the uninitiated – The Grinch stole Christmas, – has decided that it will no longer fund the WRVS, however it would like to hang onto its huge band of volunteers, and is now negotiating with the under-funded borough’s  Day Centres to provide the various dietary requirements of the elderly.

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  1. Shall we change the name to Waverley Limited as they appear to be doing exactly what they want; selling council houses, closing refuse tips for an extra day in the week that is without them then altering what you can actually take there and then have to sort out for them, stopping meals on wheels ( God help them when they get old, as it comes to us all) giving property developers free rein to do what they want, well that’s after the not so private meetings and worse passing the buck when it comes to dealing with surface water and sewage problems in Cranleigh, here to serve the public!!!!!!

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