Ain’t no mountain high enough!


Talk about artistic licence!

Sing-a-long with WW – that is if you can stop yourself laughing long enough!


Anyone visiting the Stop Dunsfold Park New Town Campaign website is being treated to two views from Hascombe Hill one ‘Before’ development of the Aerodrome and the other an artist’s impression of the view ‘After’ development.

Has anyone else noticed that the ‘After’ view is tightly constrained which fools the viewer into thinking the new village will fill the entire view when, in reality, it won’t.

Also, almost all the houses in the artist’s impression are three storey across the entire village. That distribution of houses is false; anyone looking at the planning application – WW has done this –  will see quite clearly where the high density housing will be and it does not cover the entire site as POW would like people to believe.

The artist also appears to be trying to show the houses that would be built at the back of the site but the angle from the top of Hascombe Hill is such that whilst they would be visible the manner in which the artist has achieved this effect implies the buildings are taller than three storeys and hide the woodlands alongside the canal.

Also, extraordinarily, the existing buildings at the Aerodrome have been redrawn in a bid  to make them stand out more than they do in the ‘Before’ photo! Talk about artistic licence! POW is making it up as it  goes along!

As for the other photo, to quote the song lyrics, ‘There ‘aint no mountain high enough … at least not around Dunsfold to take that shot. It has almost certainly been taken from a helicopter and it’s only a very privileged few who get to enjoy aerial views of Waverley – and, let’s face it, they’re not likely to want or need to buy an affordable home at Dunsfold Park are they? Oh, no! They’ll put in a planning application to convert an adjacent barn or stables for their off-spring’s starter home.

So there you have it: the privileged, wealthy supporters of POW – AKA Stop Dunsfold Park New Town – are flashing their cash, hiring helicopters to deter the building of affordable homes because it might spoil the view when they fly in from a long week-end on the ski slopes … or a short sunshine break in Provence. Makes you sick doesn’t it? 

Oh! by the way Scottie & Co! lift up your kilts and be counted? Because the Waverley Web is being accused of being part of your dumb outfit because you  appear to be ignoring all the crap being peddled locally and are leaving it to us poor dummies to put the record straight! There are some cynics who probably think WW is dipping into your Sporran!

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  1. I don’t like correcting you yet AGAIN. If those photos were taken from a helicopter it was grounded at the view point. Everyone who walks up Hascombe Hill (there are no bridlepaths up it) knows the view well. It ain’t a high Mountain but high enough as a hill to get the photos shown

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