Surprise, surprise, Waverley smacks web watchers in the eyes?

Sing-along with our Cilla.

Strange isn’t it that as Joint Planning Committee sit down to determine on of the most important planning decisions for a decade on Farnham’s East Street – the webcast breaks down!

Here’s the message posted tonight that greeted avid Web Watchers. Including your Waverley Web – which likes to reveal the tangled web that is “Your Waverley.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 18.56.02

In the spirit of openness, honesty and transparency “Your Waverley” cannot be seen or heard making this monumental decision on a ¬£100 million pound scheme orchestrated by the poisoned partnership of ¬†Waverley and Surrey County Councils and Crest Nicholson.

Can’t help wondering if on the 27th of June when the Overview an Scrutiny Committee consider the latest Daft Local Plan – whether we will still be kept in the dark.

So there we are folks – Everyone buy the Farnham Herald and let’s us here at the WW make a stab at the decision which has yet to be made:

Waverley Councillors say a unanimous Yes… except for one Independent and two Farnham Councillors?

Well time for a nice cold beer and sit down to watch Italy v Ireland or Sweden v Belgium.

At least its better than tearing our hair out from the roots, what hair we have left, watching those Farnham councillors and objectors – who according to councillors – “have too much time on their hands,” get a good kicking.

One thought on “Surprise, surprise, Waverley smacks web watchers in the eyes?”

  1. Thank you to the Chairman who kindly congratulated me in the car park after the meeting saying in 21 years he had never heard such a passionate speech (I was speaking against the new planning amendments to Brightwell House and for the retaining of the Redgrave theatre) The people in the Public Gallery laughed when they were told the webcam had broken down again because frankly, IT WAS JUST TOO CONVENIENT!!!

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