Has Waverley’s Council Leader – Robert Know – less; his Lady-in-Waiting councillor Julia Potts – or the man most likely to become deputy leader, Tom Martin got the guts to stand up and be counted by the residents of Cranleigh – and villages?  WW doubts it!

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 17.52.47However we would be delighted to be proved wrong and those brave souls over in the East of the borough – The Cranleigh Civic Society – are right to ask them to stand and be questioned by a public meeting in the village now teetering on the edge of becoming Cranleigh New Town.                                                                     

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Residents who turned  out in droves to support The Society last weekend asked repeatedly  about the delayed Daft Local Plan saying  “What is the reason for another delay, seems convenient that all the time there’s no plan they can keep putting more houses here, they should come here and explain what the hell they’re doing”.

In light of these comments, we, The Cranleigh Civic Society,  request that Julia Potts, the new Leader of Waverley Borough Council comes to Cranleigh and explains to us why they are approving so many houses here.

However, WW believes that Councillor Potts should be accompanied by the  present Leader – and Cranleigh’s own less than squeaky clean  borough councillors who colluded in all those “secret meetings” with Berkeley Homes and  its cohorts. Some of whom helped to vote these applications through! OH! and perhaps at the same time they can tell residents’ why they pushed through £1m of “our money” to join forces with Hamish Robbie and the Crownhall Estates to build another industrial site adjacent to Mansfield Park in Guildford Road,  on…the Green Belt! Let Cranleigh councillors answer how they voted on that little scandal!

You could of course  * let the train take the strain from Farnham to Cranleigh!  That’s how Cala Homes’ employees are getting here to set the diggers running on Amlets Park. Of course, there never was a mainline  station there and even the branch line from Horsham to Guildford closed in 1965. Sad or what! ” You couldn’t make it up! But you know what … then someone did!

Says the CCS: If you want to see Julia Potts in Cranleigh email her: (please copy us in and your MP Anne Milton We demand and deserve transparency from our council and consultation.

WW : She of course, will respond by saying she will not be the new Leader until early May, by which tim another load of development will have been voted through! Well then come as Deputy Leader, and bring your mate with you?

If Waverley is planning a town here by stealth of several thousand houses they should share their plans with us. They have meetings with developers behind closed doors and yet residents of Cranleigh are firmly excluded from this conversation. Why?

CCS: Our Request

The Cranleigh Civic Society invites Julia Potts ( to come to Cranleigh before 26th April 2016 for a public meeting to explain to the people who live here what Waverley Borough Council are up to!

There is more information – much more on the Cranleigh Civc Society website.  *Apparently construction workers are going to use Cranleigh Main Line Station to get to the Cala Homes’ site in Amlets Lane, which is only a mile away! You can read this for yourself on Page 10 of the report. A full post will follow.



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