Cranleigh in Crisis!


THE CIVIC SOCIETY was spotted by our roving reporter canvassing villagers support following the latest bombshell to hit the village.

A government Inspector has ignored the views of local people, the parish council and most Waverley Councillors, but not Waverley’s planning experts’ by  approving  Berkeley Homes’ appeal for 425 hours on green fields behind Stockland Square 

It is widely  rumoured that Berkeleys won’t even be building some, or maybe, even all of the proposed homes, as in developers’ terms it proposes  “flipping” the site, or will be, when the permission is valid if there is no legal challenge during the next five weeks.

To… Taylor Wimpey no less! 

Although developers – including Cala Homes – Crest Nicholson and others pipped Berkeleys to the development post,  in the poo stakes – it is Berkeleys’ that has secured permission from Thames Water to ejaculate its effluent into the overloaded local sewerage works over there.  While the rest  lick their wounds – wondering where their effluent  is going?     May we respectfully suggest they find a fan!

While Waverley Webb is almost sick of reporting the stink that is going on over there in the East of the Borough – it is so bad,  it is almost,  but not quite, beating the stink going on over here in Farnham.  We wonder if all the eager developers over there in Cranleigh – Thakeham Homes; Threadneedle; Berkeleys’; KPI; Cala Homes; Cranleigh Brick and Tile; Crown Hall Estates; and Uncle Tom Cobley and all, should get together and build a great big Sh*t Pit under Knowle Park . Then the Flying Dutchman ( who had the gall to turn up on Saturday to lobby people for his own cunning development plan promising them butterflies, birds, bees and Mary Poppins) could promise to collect   everyone’s poo  – and earn a gong into the bargain – for services to …Shite!

Oh! and by the way the Protect Our Waverley brigade is now putting up posters, and is planning a big public Meeting in Alfold – presumably to save Cranleigh?Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 21.52.00.png

Guess Why? Answers on a postcard to :

The winner will receive their prize by first class post… in a bucket!

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