AND...The Farnham Herald did just that…

… allowing  its residents to vent their spleen over the disgraceful East Street Brightwells Scandal all over a complete Letters Page.

This is just to give you an idea of the strength of feeling in Farnham of the undemocratic and unlawful manipulation of the original 2003 contract between Waverley and Crest Nicholson. Not that it will make any difference to “Your Waverley” that is hell bent on spending as much of “Your Money” as it can to feather the nests of – certainly not Skylarks, or the Dartford Warbler – but its very own feathered friend the developer described by residents as “The Turkey” –  Crest Nicholson.

Click here for the pdf file so you can read the letters individually. Farnham Letters Page

LettersWell there is very little else to be said – except of course Waverley Borough council’s lies and duplicity are catching up with them – fast!

WW thinks David Wylde’s letter sums up almost everything bad about Waverley Borough Council.

“The thing that make a town worth living in are intangible and they are the ones we stand for. They are architectural and aesthetic, communal, cultural and environmental, social and spiritual.  We neglect them – at our  peril!

Waverley, by contrast doesn’t do intangible. It has no hinterland, no cultural frame of reference, no class, no quality, taste or judgement. It’s like putting a bull in a china shop, for Waverley and Farnham are incompatible – broken china, broken town.

Waverley doesn’t know what democracy means and ignores with what it disagrees with!”

WW agrees with you Mr Wylde – keep fighting. It is not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, but the size of the fight in the dog!

The Waverley Web does not even believe that most backbench councillors’ many of whom are new, are even aware of what is going on – why? Because the tail wags the dog at Waverley – The Executive! Aided and abetted by Paul Wen-ham I leaving and The Omen!


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