Is Ignoring questions becoming the order of the day at “Your Waverley.”

WW doesn’t think bad manners are acceptable behaviour – do you agree?



Waverley Borough Council boasts of its  openness,  transparency, and honesty. WW  believes it has become more secretive, obscure, bad-mannered and dishonest by the day and we are not the only ones!

For the uninitiated the council is run by The Executive – of NINE members listed here.

Chairman Councillor Robert Knowles,(Leader); Vice Chairman Miss Julie Potts; Councillors, Brian Adams; Kevin Deanus, Carole King; Tom Martin; Wyatt Ramsdale; Stefan Reynolds; and Simon  Thornton.

The tiny opposition of the council has – Two members of the Farnham Residents’ Group and one Independent, who are repeatedly treated like pariahs by the Council Leader, The Chief Executive,  some of his senior staff and most, but not all, of their Tory councillor colleagues.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 16.09.48.png
John Williamson -Farnham Residents, Farnham Castle

 As for the the public, and there are few who ever dare to ask Informal Questions – you will never see them because their questions are not  Web Cast. Why?  And the few who dare to ask a Formal Question seldom ever receive a proper answer either. From our viewing the people appears to be Jerry Hyman, David Wylde, etc.

However, the WW has been watching how the OFFICIAL OPPOSITION and the public are treated, and cannot describe it as anything other than:


 Even  the smallest of our parish councils, treat theIr “opposition” members  with a modicum of respect – sometimes grudgingly,  if they don’t belong to the right party. How come politics has reared its ugly head at the parishes, we wonder?

These people are there to serve the residents of “Your Waverley” not Conservative Central Office – aren’t they?

But in the hallowed halls of Waverley there is no pretence at even  basic good manners. the hostility is palpable. In the previous council it was Dianne James, the UKIP Councillor for Ewhurst who was regularly insulted,  – but then she was elected as an MEP for the South East and moved onto bigger things. She still wears the scars from the Waverley bully boys – and girls – and has the tea shirt to prove it! 

WW watched Councillor John Williamson (Farnham Residents’ Farnham Castle) ask some very searching questions about some burning issues that are  concerning him and the  people in Farnham  he represents.

Were  his  questions answered  honestly, transparently, accurately, informatively,  or even ambiguously ? – No,they were  not they were , quite simply, ignored!

As soon as he has finished commenting or questioning  the issue of the day, seeks answers to concerns about  the illegalities of the East Street development, questions  decisions made that will cost taxpayers’ many millions of pounds on the Farnham Memorial Hall’s conversion into a replacement for the Gostrey Centre. Setting aside £8m for a new visitors’ centre at Fresnham to replace  a centre that is under-used, with an even  larger one! Or  moving the Farnham Football Club – what do you hear? SILENCE. WW will soon blog in more detail on these issues!

 Then  Leader Robert Know -less, and less, immediately, and without   pausing for breath –  puts the recommendation to his colleagues, like lemmings and in silence, they agree,  (privately decided beforehand in a pre-meeting no doubt) and moves on with great haste to the next item!  No wonder prospective borough  councillors are getting harder to find!

An Executive meeting before Christmas only lasted 17 mins – and that included safety and fire regulations!

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  1. As usual absolutley bang on in your analogy there WW, a more self serving bunch of people you couldn’t find anywhere in this once great country of ours.

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